Nine people should not drink coffee

1. High-pressure coffee contains caffeine, which can increase blood pressure in some sensitive patients.

2. Renal failure Patients with renal failure who have hyperkalemia should be given a potassium-restricted diet. Coffee has a high potassium content.

3, peptic ulcer Caffeine stimulates gastric acid secretion, and relaxes smooth muscle blood vessels of the digestive system, accelerates the metabolism of food, and reduces the nutritional value of food.

4. Diabetes caffeine can reduce the secretion of insulin in the pancreas, reduce the glucose tolerance, increase the excretion of insulin and increase blood glucose.

5, epilepsy caffeine can stimulate the brain motility center, yellow mouth purine will shrink blood vessels, reduce blood flow to the brain. It is very bad for people with epilepsy.

6, heart disease coffee will increase the fat and triglyceride content, increase heart burden and oxygen consumption. Especially when the body is tired and smoking is more likely to cause.

7, iron-deficiency anemia coffee will accelerate the metabolism of food and reduce the absorption rate of iron.

8, kidney stones to prevent the recurrence of calcium oxalate stones, fasting oxalic acid-rich foods, and coffee is oxalic acid-rich foods.

9, insomnia drinking coffee for a long time will affect the sedative effect, increase the number of sobriety, so that the depth of sleep becomes lighter. In addition to the above patients can not drink coffee, healthy people may not be suitable for drinking coffee, such as pregnant women, breast-feeding women, athletes, etc. to drink will have a bad feeling or pathological phenomenon.

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