Bairuiyuan Goji Berry Appeared on 2017 Bricks Leaders Banquet, Ningxia Goji Berry Became New Favorite of Various Heads of State

On September 4th, The ninth Bricks leaders` summit be held in Xiamen International Conference Center. This is after G20 Hangzhou Summit and [Belt and Road" Summit, another summit of top international leaders in China. As these big summits, [State banquet" always get a lot of public attention. This time, at the banquet table, goji berry was highly favored by Bricks leaders. It represents the best wish of people in Ningxia, the local culture of Ningxia goji berry, the symbol of Chinese culture. Ningxia was called [the hometown of Chinese goji berry", many heads of state have a habit of eating goji berry. This banquet of Bricks leaders means Ningxia goji berry emerge on a global stage. As banquet of Bricks, it has a very strict standard in choosing ingredients. Ningxia goji berry is a kind of plant resource using as both medicine and food. These years, goji berry is recognized and welcomed by customers for unique place of origin, abundant nutritional value, functions of health-care and nourishing. Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp. took very seriously for this Bricks Leaders banquet. From product recommendations, field trips, quality test, business cooperation, it spent 2 months. And every step must be supervised by SFDA and police departments, such as processing, packaging, logistics. Besides, they must use specified refrigerated vehicles and police departments supervised from oringin to end, to make sure the goji berry is safety and fresh.

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