Grape sparse fruit thinning is the key

The inflorescence of axillary tip of the grapevine is more likely to consume large amounts of nutrients and reduce the fruit setting rate. Breaking out the inflorescence tip can reduce the number of flowers, reduce nutrient contention, and increase fruit set rate. The tip time is appropriate one week before flowering, and it should end when the flowering period ends. First, remove the Spike, then remove 4-5 fulcrums from the main shaft, leaving 4-15 fulcrums, and then remove the spike tip. The cob is too long to collapse. When there are more inflorescences, one result leaves 1-2 inflorescences, and then tips, which saves labor and does not waste nutrients. The purpose of sparse and sparse grains is to limit the number of fruit grains so that the size of the ear meets the required standards, and the shape of the fruit and the grains are evened out to improve the commercial performance. The method of spalling is to dredge non-nuclear and small fruit pieces, leaving large, uniform fruit pieces. Individually prominent large grains should be sparse due to poor coloring. In addition, in order to arrange the fruits neatly and beautifully, it is advisable to select the fruit pieces outside the ear. The big fruit ear is dropped off every other fulcrum, so that after the whole ear shape is sparse, the efficiency is higher. The number of grains left on a fulcrum should be different according to the variety. Generally, Kyoho grape retains 30-35 grains per panicle and Fujiminori grape leaves 25-30 grains per panicle. Excessive scab results not only affect the sugar content and coloration, but also cause the tree to store insufficient nutrients, weakening the tree vigor, resulting in reduced production in the following year. The sparse fruit ear can effectively control the yield and improve the quality of the berry, so that it can stabilize and produce high quality year after year. Sparse time should be as early as possible. When the tip of the panicle is planted before flowering, the inflorescence should be sparsely removed. The criteria for the sparse spike are: 11-12 leaves have a 1 spike in the mean tree branch and more than 21 leaves have a strong branch to retain 2 ears. Secondly, when the situation of fruit setting is clear, it is necessary to carry out sparse treatment as soon as possible to remove the bad fruit from the spikes. According to the principle of 1 branch and 1 spike, the ear on the very weak branch is removed, and the yield is high. The target chooses to leave the ear. Bagging Bagging is one of the effective measures to avoid pest damage and improve the quality of berries. Bagging is generally carried out when the size of the soybeans is the size of the fruit in mid-June. Spray a fungicide and insecticide before bagging, and put a bag on the day of spraying.

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