Aeonmed Shangrila 510s Transportable Ventilator with Ce

Model NO.: Shangrila510S
Anesthesia: N/M
Type of Operating Light: N/M
Patient Type: Adult, Pediatric, Neonate
Fio2: 40%-100%
Driven Type: Pneumatically Driven
Trademark: Aeonmed
Transport Package: Carton or Plywood
Specification: 630*520*350
Origin: China
HS Code: 9012900000
Multi-functional Emergency Transport Ventilator
*It helps optimiaze quality of care & patient comfort, improving patient outcomes
*One device adresses diverse ventilation requirements, fully covering various situations

Integrated Versatile Ventilation Modes
*Pressure Control & Volume Control
*Invasive & Non-Invasive ventilation 

Manual Intervention Functions
*Manual breath
*Inspiratory hold

*FiO2 40% to 100% continuously adjustable
*Wavefrom display: Pressure-time, Flow-time

Aeonmed Shangrila 510s Transportable Ventilator with Ce

Aeonmed Shangrila 510s Transportable Ventilator with Ce


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