Correct use of grease management

(1) If the amount of grease to be added is too large, the friction torque will increase, the temperature will increase, and the amount of oil consumption will increase. If the amount of grease is too low, reliable lubrication will not be obtained and dry friction will occur. . In general, the appropriate amount of fat is 1/3 to 1/2 of the total void volume in the bearing. However, depending on the circumstances, it is sometimes necessary to grease the edges of the bearing and perform cavity lubrication.
(2) Pay attention to preventing the mixture of different types, grades, and old and new lubricating greases from being used to avoid cross-use of the grease container and the tools. Otherwise, there will be a drop in the drop point of the fat, an increase in cone penetration, and a decrease in the mechanical stability.
(3) Pay attention to the work of replacing new grease. Since the variety and quality of grease are constantly being improved and changed, when the old equipment is changed to a new grease, it should be tested first, and then it can be used formally after trial; when replacing the new grease, it should be Remove waste grease and clean parts. When adding grease, the waste grease should be squeezed out and new grease should be seen at the grease removal port.
(4) Pay attention to the management of the grease filling process Before the grease is collected and filled, the containers and tools must be strictly cleaned. The grease supply port on the equipment should be wiped clean in advance to prevent the mixing of mechanical impurities, dust and sand particles.
(5) Pay attention to the timely replacement of seasonal fats. If the winter and summer plum and temperature difference of the equipment environment change greatly, if winter fat is used in the summer or vice versa, the results will be counter-productive.
(6) Pay attention to the regular addition of grease grease replacement time should be based on the specific use conditions, both to ensure reliable lubrication and does not cause the waste of fat.
(7) Do not package grease with wooden or paper containers to prevent oil from becoming hard, mixed with moisture, or contaminated, and store in a cool, dry place.

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