How to master the key technologies of pepperless soil cultivation

The economic benefits of capsicum cultivation in greenhouses and solar greenhouses are good, but soilless cultivation can be used due to the continuous cropping of heavy crops, which has a good application effect. The soilless cultivation of pepper must grasp the following key technologies:

1. Soilless cultivation under greenhouse and greenhouse cultivation. Generally early spring early cultivation is better, the varieties available large fruit early Feng, Su Jiao No. 5 and a generation of sweet pepper hybrids. Can be nursed in October, the use of soilless seedling technology, early spring planting in February, April can begin harvesting. All kinds of matrix culture, nutrient solution culture, rock cotton cultivation and deep water culture can be applied.

2. The nutrient solution for chili soilless cultivation can be Japanese Yamazaki formula. Tomato recipes and eggplant recipes can be used universally. It is necessary to pay attention to the timely supply of nutrient solution. After the plants have branched and flowered, they must increase the concentration and increase the amount of fluid. Note that the adjustment PH must not exceed 6.5. It mainly prevents the supply of nitrogen.

3. Other managements are planted with common greenhouses, but care should be taken to set up brackets to prevent lodging, and at the same time pay attention to timely harvesting.

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