Beauty watermelon cultivation techniques

In advocating the return to nature today, choosing to use natural plants and cosmetics is preferred. Beauty watermelon has a certain market potential as a natural beauty skin care product. The beauty watermelon cultivation technique is introduced as follows. First, land preparation 1. Select the site with a deep soil, fertile soil and good permeability. The soil texture is preferably sandy loam or loam, and the pH is between 7.5 and 8.5. Former crops are wheat, corn and other food crops, and should not be used for pre-harvest or neighboring work with solanaceous vegetables and legume crops, and drainage and irrigation are unobstructed. 2, pre-planting soil preparation fall ploughing, frozen sorghum maturing soil. The beauty watermelon vine grows vigorously and grows 2.5-3.5 meters long. Therefore, the center of the melon groove should be 3-4 meters. In the melon ditch center line 0.4-0.5 meters on both sides of the plow with a fertilization ditch, the decomposed organic fertilizer and fertilizer applied to the ditch, and then open the melon ditch along the center line. The ditch is 0.5 meters deep. The upper mouth is 0.8-1 meters wide and the bottom is 0.3 meters wide. The bottom of the ditch, the ditch, and the ditch are straight and on the same horizontal line. There are no stones, large soil blocks, and plant roots. 3, film covered immediately after watering. Film should be flat, cover should be strict. Second, sowing 1, sowing time When the 5cm temperature stable above 15 °C can be sown. Northern Xinjiang is at the end of April-early May. 2, sowing density of 0.4 meters spacing, spacing 1.5-2 meters, with the amount of 246-266 grams / 667 square meters, Bao Miao 833-933 / 667 square meters. Third, fertilization 1, base fertilizer combined with site preparation before the deep application of fertilizer 2 tons / 667 square meters, compound fertilizer 25 kg / 667 square meters. 2, top-dressing seedlings to cucumber before dressing 2-3 times. Every time guava seedlings 2-3 true leaves, topdressing urea 5 kg / 667 square meters. The second time the plants stretched to the stage of squashing, the topdressing compound fertilizer was 15 kg/667 square meters. During the fruit expansion period, a small amount of urea was applied to increase the yield. IV. Irrigation 1. Irrigation Before watering, water is usually poured 2 times before sowing. The first filling of the melon ditch, water infiltration and then irrigation for the second time, pouring enough to drench. Beauty watermelon seed coat thicker, irrigating water is conducive to emergence. Less watering after emergence, seedlings for about 20 days. Melon seedlings spread vines and pour 1 vine. Take melon until the fruit is inflated, pour water once every 7-10 days until the fruit matures. 2, avoid flood irrigation, string irrigation and melons run water noon when the high temperature is not watering, water should be in the morning and evening when the weather is cool. Fifth, field management 1, check seedlings replanting seedlings seedlings lack of seedlings in a timely manner to replant. 3-4 pieces of true leaves when the Dingmiao, leaving 1 per hole, lack of seedlings leave two. Set the soil in time after the seedlings to prevent the wind from scratching the seedlings. 2, pruning using 3 vine pruning. When the main vine grows to 0.4 meters in length, one side vine is left on each side of the main vine, and the other side vines are removed. Each plant has 2-3 melons. Artificial pollination is performed when the female flowers are open, ensuring that each melon can sit and grow evenly. 3, pressure vines vines grow to 0.5 meters long, with crushed vines. After melons, melons are pressed to prevent winds. The pruning pressure vines should be carried out at noon on sunny days. At this time, the vines are soft and not easily damaged. 4, weeding weeds promptly remove weeds and keep the field clean. Sixth, pest control 1, when the aphid spotting occurs, with 1,000 times killing schistosomiasis or 2000 times wipe out the sweeping spray. Both sides of the leaf must be sprayed on both sides. 2. Powdery mildew is prone to onset in rainy and humid seasons. At the beginning of the disease, 800 times Tricine spray was used. 3, the initial incidence of bacterial blast with 70% mancozeb 500 times full spray. The diseased strain was smeared with a 100-fold solution of carbendazim to smear the diseased stems, and the diseased leaves were removed and the diseased stems were dried. 4, mainly to prevent Phytophthora, strict control of irrigation. Do not water the high temperature season at noon. Water should be poured after 10pm or before 6am. At the beginning of onset, 25% metalaxyl and 40% magnesium bromide can be used to mix 1:1 into 800 times liquid, 0.25-0.5 kilograms per douche, 7-10 days irrigation, 2-3 times in succession. 5, early onset of downy mildew early spraying with 72% diuretic manganese zinc (Ke Ling) 600-800 times, or 72.2% Prec 600-700 times spray, 7-10 days 1, even spray 2 -3 times. 7. The harvested fruit is fully ripe and harvested. Take care when harvesting. It will not be bad for 4-6 months in a cool room, and can provide long-term supply to beauty salons.

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Frozen Mixed Vegetables

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