Goslings have tricks in winter management

First, strengthen activities. In order to prevent goose body from affecting the production of eggs due to over-fertilization, it is necessary to strengthen the mother geese movement, select the sunny weather to rush the mother geese to a place suitable for exercise, and allow them to enjoy more sun and exercise. Second, for adequate nutrition. The winter goose consumption increases, and it is necessary to increase the feed nutrient concentration to balance and enhance its ability to keep out the cold. Generally, it is necessary to appropriately increase the energy feeds such as rice and corn and supplement high quality crude and green feeds. Each goose was fed 150-300 grams of mixed condiments on a daily basis and fed three times, one of which was fed at night. Third, keep warm. Although the adult goslings have improved cold resistance, but the temperature is too low for the mother goose production is unfavorable, we must grasp the goose cold and warm work. For example, appropriately increasing the stocking density, increasing the amount of bedding material, placing plastic greenhouses under conditions, using solar energy to increase room temperature, etc., so that the temperature of the goose house is maintained at 5° C. or higher. Fourth, to the mother goose drink warm water. Female geese consume large amounts of heat during the winter and should not drink cold ice water or snow water. They should drink warm water for female geese during the day and night. Fifth, rational grazing. In winter, the number of geese going to the water should be reduced and the grazing time should be shortened. Grazing should be carried out in the sunny morning and in the afternoon when the sun is sunny. Usually, the mother and geese should be rushed to the water around 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Every time they spend 10-15 minutes, they shouldn’t catch the geese when it rains.

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