Development of soil moisture (moisture) detection technology

Development source of soil moisture (water) detection technology: Category: Technical Articles Update Time: 2008-9-22 10:56:45 Read 94 times on behalf of soil moisture, soil water content, is one of the important physical properties of soil. In automatic agricultural production, the detection of soil moisture is a technical link for realizing automatic and precise irrigation, and it is also an important work for studying soil properties.

In the method of measuring soil moisture, although the most direct drying method is accurate, it takes time and effort to sample and dry, and is not suitable for timely measurement of soil moisture in automatic control. The method of timely measurement of soil moisture in the field includes conductivity method, heat conduction method (electrothermal method), microwave method, negative pressure gauge method, neutron measurement method, and capacitance method. Various methods have their disadvantages: the negative pressure meter method can only measure the water content of the soil capillary section; the conductivity method is to indirectly obtain the soil moisture value by measuring the soil conductivity, because the soil conductivity is not only related to the soil moisture content. It is also related to the species and concentration of ions in the soil. Therefore, the measurement of water quality influenced by irrigation and fertilization have a greater impact; electrothermal and microwave methods also have certain limitations in terms of operation methods, reproducibility, and flexibility; neutron method Wide measuring range, high precision, but relatively high cost, with a certain risk of nuclear radiation, unsuitable for use in general agriculture; Capacitance method utilizes the high permittivity of water, using the side soil as a dielectric, and the probe (detection The head constitutes a capacitor, which measures the humidity of the soil by measuring the capacitance change of the capacitor. It is also an indirect measurement method. Since the dielectric constant of the soil is not only related to the water content, the measurement accuracy is not high enough.

To sum up, in fact, accurate and timely measurement of soil moisture is not a simple matter. Moreover, in the natural situation, the change of soil moisture is a slow process. Even if the problem of sensing humidity (sensor problem) is solved, in the circuit, this slowly changing, near-DC electric signal is processed with high precision. It is not easy.

The detection technology of soil moisture has extremely important significance in the implementation of automated agriculture, and its products have a very wide range of application prospects. However, there are few domestic applications for this research. More applications or FDR sensor method, simple operation, good repeatability, cheap, suitable for testing all kinds of soil moisture in various regions of the country.

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