The reason why the new leaf of pepper is not long

The vegetable farmer of Tianliu Town, Shouguang City asked that the new leaves of pepper are not long, and the buds are severely shedding, and some are even necrotic. Is this something different? Is there a save?

The young leaves of the pepper plant did not stand still, and at the same time there were symptoms of necrosis and the buds had come off. According to the analysis of relevant experts, there are two reasons for this situation:

The first reason is that this year's high temperatures and dry and rainy days have led to the occurrence of hot pepper virus disease. This situation is necrotizing viral disease. Plants that have been severely affected should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of infection due to the damage of whiteflies and agricultural operations. The virus can be used Ling Feng harvest No. 1 growth conditioner or Yunda 120 spray, spray 3 to 5 times.

The second reason is that due to the damage caused by the thrips and tea leaves, the new leaves grow slowly and the buds fall off. Hummer horses and tea leaves are hardly visible to the naked eye, so it is difficult for a vegetable farmer to distinguish insect pests. This situation can choose to use A-dimensional salt or Huajing No. 1 spray control.

Compacted Oxygen Generator

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