Eight measures to improve the temperature of winter greenhouses

First, increase the transparency of the film. Adopt high-transmittance and no-drop film to timely clean the dust and snow on the shed film, which can enhance the lighting and increase the temperature of the shed.
Second, improve the straw insulation. The straw that covers the shed will be firm. In order to improve the insulation performance, in order to prevent the rain and snow from wetting the straw curtain in the deep winter season, the straw curtain can be covered with a layer of ordinary agricultural film or old film in previous years.
Third, increase the insulation of the back wall. When constructing the back wall, a layer of bricks can be placed on the soil wall, or a hollow insulating wall can be built. The wall is filled with straw or polyphenyl foam board. The effect is also very good. The cold area can be directly built into a fire wall to facilitate the temperature increase.
Fourth, outside the shed to dig cold trench. Dig deep trenches 40 to 60 centimeters deep and 40 to 50 centimeters wide outside of the greenhouse. Fill in sawdust, weeds, horse dung, straw, and other insulation materials. Fill the back cover and seal the ditch to achieve insulation. In the cold current approaching, at night around the shed plus grass curtains or corn stalks, can increase the temperature of the greenhouse 2 ~ 3 °C; smoke can also be smoke around the shed to prevent heat loss around the greenhouse.
Fifth, dig back into the shed. When planting greenhouse vines, methods of digging ridges in the shed are used to increase the ground temperature and temperature in the shed. That is, along the planting line 30 to 35 cm away from the grape root neck, dig 45 cm deep, 50 cm wide groove, the bottom of the groove covered with 5 cm rice husk or wheat bran, 5 cm away from the side wall of the groove every 50 cm A wooden stake is fixed and the wood stakes and side walls are filled with corn stalks. The top of the gulch is 60-70 cm long, bundles of corn straw with a diameter of 10 centimeters are covered, and the soil is used in the ditch. Except for the work track, the rest of the ground is covered with a mulch. The whole shed forms an "S" shaped ditch that communicates with each other. Set aside at a slightly higher level and turn it on or off in time to control the temperature.
Sixth, cultivation in the greenhouse. With high ridge cultivation, the ridges can be covered when planting, which can increase the ground temperature 2 ~ 3 °C. When using flat hoe cultivation, small sheds can be set up to increase the temperature.
7. Establish temporary heating measures. In order to relieve weather conditions such as cold current, frost, etc. and bad weather without sunshine in a timely manner, 2 to 3 heaters with a power of 1600 to 2500 W can be temporarily set in the shed. To prevent excessive humidity in the shed, leakage currents should be caused. Use bathroom heaters, heater outlet direction, do not directly facing the plant.
VIII. Hanging a light curtain in a greenhouse can not only increase lighting in the shed, but also increase the temperature in the shed. The method is to hang a plastic film coated with a metal layer or tin foil on the back wall of the greenhouse, and suspend it by 1 meter every 2 to 3 meters. The suspension of the light curtain reduces the absorption of heat energy by the wall, and can increase the temperature in the shed by 2 to 3°C. At the same time, it increases the illumination in the shed and promotes the coloring of the fruit in the shed.

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