Sunflower high quality and high quality cultivation

Sunflower is the "pioneer crop on the saline-alkaline land" and "a good crop for water-saving agriculture." Environmental requirements Sunflowers have strong resistance to low temperature at seedling stage and maturity stage. The seeds begin to swell and germinate at 2 to 4°C, they germinate at 4°C, they can emerge at 5°C, and they can meet the needs of normal emergence at 8 to 10°C. Seedlings can tolerate low temperatures of 4°C for several hours, and can still recover normal growth after low temperatures, and have strong cold resistance. When the temperature is as high as 50°C and the relative humidity is 30% to 50%, normal physiological activities can still be performed by adjusting the body temperature by virtue of the transpiration of the leaves. However, if the temperature is higher than 40°C and the relative humidity reaches 90%, the growth stops and the resistance to disease weakens, which can easily lead to leaf spot and rust. Before planting and planting sowing, planting 30-35 lbs. per hemu or 25 lbs. in cowsheds, 3 graters of turfgrass, and ploughshares, and 2 to 2.5 meters in width. The spring sowing of sunflower in late March to mid-April, the earlier the sowing, the higher the quality of the product. Live or seedlings can be transplanted, planting density of 65 to 60 cm, 1 seedlings per hole. Filling seedlings sunflower seedlings with soil survival rate of up to 90%. Replanting should be early and should be small, should be in 1 to 2 true leaves, loquat height but 15 to 20 cm, according to line spacing Dingmiao. Weeding and weeding for the first time, weeding and weeding, the second weeding combined with fixed seedling cultivators, the height of the seedlings between 50 and 60 centimeters, the soil was ridged and fell down. The herbicide "trifluralin" has a good effect on narrow-grained weeds. It uses 300 grams of water and 20 kilograms of water, sprays 10 days before sowing, and cuts into the soil 10 centimeters to prevent seedlings from being harmed by phytotoxicity; The effect of weeds is good. 200 grams of water per mu is used to add 20 kg of water. Spray within 3 days after sowing to kill sprouting grass. The warlord controlling the sunflower should fight early and control the power. Reasonable top dressing. 7 to 8 have good effect on nitrogen and potassium fertilizers in real leaves. When not sowing the basal fertilizer field, fertilizer must be applied early. For the first time, 12-15 kg of ammonium nitrate in the middle cultivator, 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, or 15 kg of potassium chloride in urea. Auxiliary pollination Sunflower self-flowering, artificial pollination or cross-pollination by insects can be strong. Otherwise, the seeds of sunflower seeds account for 35% to 50%, and they are empty when severe. Artificial pollination is to use soft cotton as a puff, on the disk to help spread the pollen of different disk. Pollination at 8 to 10 o'clock in the morning (dry morning dew) and at 14 o'clock in the flowering period can increase fertility by more than 30%. Put bee pollination, that is about 28 °C in the flowering period, when there is no wind and rainfall, the release of bee pollination can increase the seed-setting rate of about 40%. In addition, fertilization should be reasonably provided during the fertility period, and potassium should be increased. Disease prevention and pest control such as leaf spot or rust, 15% Triadimefon 1500 times solution can be sprayed; 10 days after pollination, with 40% Dimethoate EC 1000 times, or 20% edford 2 1500 times liquid spray, control aphids, aphids and so on.

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Frozen Fishes Portion

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