Winter Pig Breeding Management

With the onset of winter, the external climate has undergone tremendous changes. Cold weather will bring serious cold stress to the pigs. If the management is not strengthened, it will slow down the growth rate, or it will affect the pig production. Here we will introduce the management issues that should be paid attention to in pig production in winter and the prevention and treatment of common pig diseases. Winter climate features: 1, low temperatures, cold weather, large temperature difference between day and night. The temperature in winter is particularly low. Temperatures in most areas are below 0°C. Especially in the northeast, the daytime temperature is around -10°C. The nighttime temperature may drop below -30°C. The shorter time will bring inconvenience to the normal lighting and normal work management of pig houses, especially in the morning and evening, which will cause inconvenience to management work due to darkness. First, the management issues that should be paid attention to during the production of pigs in winter: 1. The pig house should be repaired and the open-type pig house should be equipped with a heat preservation shed; before the cold winter comes, the pig house should be completely overhauled and maintained, and damaged. Houses, walls, ceilings are repaired. In northern regions, in order to increase the insulation effect, open-type pig houses should build plastic insulation sheds, block the windows and excess vents, and hang cotton curtains and straw curtains at the entrance to prevent the cold wind from entering to facilitate thermal insulation. 2, to strengthen the control of the home environment, such as strengthening ventilation, reduce indoor humidity, reduce the production of harmful gases, etc.; in order to keep warm in winter, will reduce the ventilation intensity and lead to excessive humidity inside, and excessive harmful gases Stay. Excessively high indoor humidity and excessive harmful gases can cause pig respiratory diseases and other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the house waste, maintain a good hygienic environment, reduce the humidity in the house, and reduce the harmful effects caused by the accumulation of faeces. The concentration of gas, under the premise of maintaining the temperature, increase the ventilation volume, maximize the maintenance of fresh air in the house, and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases induced by harmful gases exceeding the standard. 3, increase the temperature inside the house, to create a warm and comfortable living environment for pigs. The cold outside in winter has also brought down the temperature in the house. The low temperature has brought cold stress to the pigs. The cold stress will reduce the health of the pigs and cause some diseases, especially for piglets. The impact is even greater, and the cold environment will increase the diarrhea of ​​the piglets, which will lead to increased mortality of piglets. In addition, in the cold environment, the pigs will increase the feed intake to increase the body's metabolic heat production to maintain body temperature. The increase in feed intake and the decrease in daily gain will increase the breeding cost and reduce the breeding efficiency. Therefore, artificially increasing Sherwin is very important. There are many ways to increase temperature, such as using hot blast stoves, coal stoves, heating and other equipment to provide heat sources to increase the temperature; it is also possible to increase the stocking density appropriately, and to increase the temperature of herds by the distribution of herd's own temperature. For fattening pigs) For newborn piglets, heating equipment should be used to keep the temperature of the delivery room at 22-25°C. At the same time, piglet electric heating plates, infrared light bulbs and other heating equipment should be used to provide heat for the piglet nursery box so that the piglets have a warm and dry survival. The environment reduces the incidence of diarrhea and other diseases caused by low temperatures (incubator temperature should be maintained within the range of 33-35°C). It is worth noting that, when using coal-fired heating equipment, attention should be paid to whether coal combustion is sufficient, whether the flue gas is unobstructed, and where carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by carbon monoxide trapping due to poor exhaust fumes. 4. Feed high-quality, well-balanced diets to improve feeding methods and promote digestion and absorption of diets by herds. In the cold winter, it is particularly important to provide a complete diet for the pigs. Dejia customers can reasonably select the suitable premixes for pigs of all ages according to the weight of the pigs raised in their pig farms. With reference to the recommended formula provided by Dejia Animal Husbandry Technology Department, they can meet the needs of the pigs in winter. Nutritional needs. Ice-chilled feed has a greater impact on the pigs during the winter season. Feed as much as possible with dry powder, or use warm and hot water condiments to feed, if possible, provide clean, warm water for pigs to drink freely. In winter, when the pupa is short and long night, the pigs have a long fasting time in the evening. During the night, they are fed an overnight diet to feed the pigs with enough nutritious and comprehensive diets, which is beneficial to the increase in daily weight gain and shorten the feeding period.

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