How to identify diseased seeds

Corn scab blight is surrounded by red or pink filaments, which often grow yellowish and red mycelia. The seeds of the round spot disease ear and the cob axis are black, and the seeds are black and rot. In the middle of the ear or in the top of the ear, the victim is often injured, the diseased part is sunk, the ear is curved, and the layer of black mold grows on the grain. Dry rot disease granules are brownish or black outside, dry rot shrinks, white molds surround germinate, and black granules are sometimes attached to the lower part of the diseased granules. Soybean mosaic disease is brownish-brown, extending from the umbilicus to the sides. On the skin of purpura species, there are spots of lavender to dark purple. The gray spot disease seeds have round or irregular auburn spots, and the center has no mold. The lesions of rice grains damaged by rice blast are usually oval or irregular and are brown or dark brown. Some diseased bastard grains become pods, and some diseased granules have a linear stripe inside and outside the striated suture, and there are no obvious abnormalities on the appearance of diseased granules.

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