How to maximize the control of pesticide residues

After pesticides are sprayed on crops or soil, most of them have disappeared due to light, natural degradation, rain, high-temperature volatilization, microbial decomposition, and plant metabolism, but there will be traces of pesticide residues. Residue pesticides have no effect on pests and weeds, but they can cause harm to humans, animals, and beneficial organisms. How to maximize control of pesticide residues? 1. The rational use of pesticides should be based on the nature of pesticides, the occurrence and development of pests and weeds, and the application of pesticides in a dialectical way, and strive to obtain the maximum control effect with the least amount of pesticides. In the rational use of drugs generally should pay attention to the following questions. 1.1 Symptomatic use of drugs, according to the occurrence characteristics of pests and weeds, choose the most effective pesticide products. 1.2 Grasp the timely use of pesticides during the most critical periods and weaknesses of pests and diseases. 1.3 Strictly control the amount of medication, spray according to the amount specified in the pesticide label, require uniform and thorough spraying to do me, avoid re-spray and spray. 1.4 improve the performance of pesticides, such as the addition of surfactants to improve the performance of the liquid. 1.5 Reasonably mix pesticides. In the use of pesticides, it is necessary to alternate the use of drugs in a reasonable manner and mix and mix them correctly to prevent the use of a single long-term pesticide. 2. The safe use of pesticides must be strictly in accordance with the "Pesticide Safe Use Regulations" and "Pesticide Fair Use Guidelines" requirements, prevention-oriented and comprehensive prevention and control. It is forbidden to use high-toxicity, high-residue pesticides on fruit trees, vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, tobacco and other crops. The application must be carried out during the safety interval. 3. Adoption of measures for avoiding poison In areas where the pesticides are heavily polluted, no crops that can absorb pesticides are planted within a certain period of time. New varieties of disease-resistant and insect-resistant crops can be cultivated to reduce the application of pesticides. 4. Comprehensive prevention and control Actively carry out agricultural prevention and control, biological control, and implement rational rotation and dumping of crops. 5, grasp the harvest period does not allow the harvest and use of cultivated crops during the safety interval, various agents because of its decomposition, disappearance of different speeds, crop growth trends and seasons are different, so have different safety intervals, harvest time The longer the crop is last sprayed, the better. 6. Decontamination treatment Decontamination of pesticide residues on the surface of crops, fruits and vegetables, such as exposure and cleaning, can also reduce or remove pesticide residue contamination. 7. To increase the supervision and management of pesticide residues in pesticides, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the pesticide market, crack down on the production and operation of counterfeit and inferior pesticide products, and use the high-toxicity pesticides and pesticide complexes that the country has explicitly eliminated to incorporate high-toxic pesticide ingredients into illegal activities. We will increase the monitoring of agricultural products, improve inspection methods for agricultural products, and strictly control the sales of agricultural products with excessive pesticide residues, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling pesticide residues in agricultural products. 8. Strengthen Publicity and Education Since farmers lack laws and regulations on pesticides and scientific knowledge on pesticide toxicity, they must improve their own quality, cultivate their sense of responsibility, and create a controlled pesticide through publicity, education, training, and distribution of relevant information. Residues pollute the atmosphere of the environment.

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