Summer cabbage cultivation techniques

1. Fine selection of fine varieties with short growth period, compact ball, good quality, antiviral disease, mildew resistance, and resistance to soft rot, normal balling at around 35°C, suitable for early spring protection Summer cultivation is the ideal variety for the off-season production of Chinese cabbage.
Second, sowing date
1. The suitable sowing date in summer is from the beginning of June to the end of July.
2. After the crop is harvested on the ridging site, weeds and stubbles are cleared, and 3,000 to 5,000 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer is applied to Mushi, 75 kg of ternary compound fertilizer and 4 to 5 kg of methyl isothioate are mixed. 20 kilograms of superphosphate, 10 kilograms of zinc sulphate. In order to facilitate drainage, high ridge or sorghum cultivation is required. The ridge distance is 40 cm and the width is 80 cm.
Third, sowing method
After live broadcasting on June 1st, nutritious soil blocks (é’µ) can be used to raise seedlings and seedlings can be transplanted. To save seeds during live broadcast, holecasting is better. 50 grams per acre with species - 100 grams, after sowing coverage of 0.5 cm thick fine soil, and rake flat compaction, spacing between 33 cm -37 cm, spacing 40 cm, 4500 per mu -5000.
Fourth, the field management of seedlings, Dingmiao in the 3 - 4 leaves when the first time the seedlings, 5 - 6 leaves when the Dingmiao. When the seedlings and the seedlings are planted, they are prevented from injuring the roots to prevent the occurrence of soft rot. 4500 seedlings per mu, and 5000 seedlings per mu.
Fifth, fertilizer and water management in summer with high temperature, rapid evaporation of soil moisture, soil moisture should always be maintained, to prevent uneven soil moisture, in high temperature, dry weather, should increase the amount of water, rainfall, or timely drainage after rain, to prevent Water in the field, causing rot. Summer cabbage enveloped the first 10 days -15 days pouring a permeable, cultivating seedlings. After watering the seedlings, they must follow a strong fertilizer. During the ball stage, pay attention to maintaining the soil moisture, and white water should be promptly watered. In combination with irrigation, apply 10 kg of urea or 15 kg of ammonium sulfate to the hole or the ditch. The main point of fertilization should be far away from the plants so as not to burn the root system. Watering is stopped 5 days to 7 days before harvest, which is the key to the harvest of summer cabbage.
Sixth, the cover of the vegetable field is heat and weeding, and the seedlings are covered with wheat straw or straw in the vegetable field.
VII. Pest Control
1. The major diseases of summer cabbage are downy mildew and soft rot, and the diseased plants must be removed and chemically controlled.
2. The main pest is cabbage caterpillar.

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