More than 6,000 medicines in Beijing will achieve the same price in the same city at the end of November

The business club reported on November 2 that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health issued a notification yesterday. From November 30th, medical institutions purchased medicines in full accordance with the bid of the Beijing Municipal Medical Institution Drug Purchase Manual. For the same drug in the same company, the medical institution shall implement a unified purchase price and sales price so that the same drug is in the same price as the city. The centralized procurement cycle for drugs is two years.

In September of last year, Beijing for the first time started the centralized procurement of medicines for medical institutions throughout the city. At present, the results of all drug bids (contracts) have been formed and are announced on the website of the Beijing Center for Concentrated Procurement Services.

The Municipal Health Bureau requires that all chemicals, biological products and proprietary Chinese medicines clinically used by medical institutions at Grade 2 or above in the city should strictly comply with the categories, prices, and distributors of drugs listed in the “Medicine Procurement Manual of Beijing Medical Institutions”. Procurement and sales. For the same drug in the same company, the medical institution shall implement a unified purchase price and sales price so that the same drug is in the same price as the city. Except for drugs that are subject to special management in narcotic drugs, first class psychoactive drugs, radioactive drugs, and vaccines in the category of biological products.

According to the requirements of the Health Bureau, the hospital will establish a pharmacy management committee or a corresponding professional committee to organize the selection of the drug catalog used by the unit within the results of the centralized procurement of pharmaceuticals. The committee may invite social supervisors and other personnel to participate.

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Drug prices dropped by 16% overall

In Beijing 2010, public bidding for medicines, a total of 6205 drugs won the bid. After centralized procurement by the government, the above drug prices dropped by 16% overall.

In the past, according to their affiliation, Beijing medical institutions individually divided themselves into six groups: municipalities, subordinates, and universities. The same pharmaceutical product of the same manufacturer needs to be quoted separately in the six groups. The work is repeated and the price is not exactly the same in each group. The government has centralized procurement of medicines, and has standardized the "six groups" of all grade two and above non-profit medical institutions and medical insurance designated medical institutions in the city. The government has unified the organization to unify the procurement platform and unify the prices of the same kinds of medicines with the same dosage form. Can reduce the repeated bids, but also help guide companies to lower prices.

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