Rice Diskless Seedling Thresher Technology

1. Seedbed preparation: Choose fertile soil, loose air-breathing vegetable garden or dry loam soil, with 12-14 m2 seedbed per mu.

2. Seedbed production: The seedbed can be made into a pit type or a flat type, with a 2m open hatch, with a net width of 1.4-1.5m, a car depth (high) of 0.3m, and a car width of 1.4-1.5m. Stack 80 kg of organic fertilizer with 5-6 kg of calcium and 10 kg of plant ash into the car, apply a small amount of contaminated pig manure, and gently pour the fine and flat surface.

3, pouring enough water: the method of sub-watering pouring feet through the seedbed water, so that the water content in the soil to achieve full saturation, to be able to play the "pulp" for the degree.

4. Soaking and coating: transplanting 1 kg of Datianmu for planting, and selecting “dry and nanny” high water-absorbing seed coating agent for dry seeding and throwing seedlings (also called “diskless throwing agent”) coating, each bag (350 g) ) Seed dressing mix 1 - 1.2 kg of seeds. To adopt the “package-to-broadcast” method, soak the rice seeds in clean water for 20 minutes before coating, remove the rice seeds, and drain the excess water. The seed coating agent is poured into a round bottom container, and then the soaked rice seed is slowly added into the container for rolling coating, and stirring is performed while adding the seed until the seed coating agent is completely wrapped on the seed.

5, even sowing film: The use of precision distance sowing device will be packaged seeds evenly sowed on a trampoline, sowing after sprinkled thin thin layer of soil cover seed, arch cover film breeding.

6, seedling management: pay attention to insulation moisture, Qimiao after the film and one-time make up the water. After two-leaf and one-hearted period, the weaning fertilizer was chased and the top three days before transplanting were topped off by “supplying marrying manure”. One to two days before throwing, spraying 20% ​​tricyclazole 750 times to prevent rice blast. On the afternoon of the day before throwing, it is necessary to pour water once to ensure that the roots of the seedlings are “hygroscopic mudballs” when they are pulled out.

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