Skillful chili food

Spiced pepper Ingredients: 10 kg pepper, 1 kg salt, 100 g of allspice. Processing: Wash the peppers and dry them into half-dried portions. Add seasonings and mix well. Seal in the cylinder and serve 15 days later.

Red chili sauce ingredients: red pepper 10 kg, salt 1.5 kg, 30 grams of pepper, aniseed 50 grams. Processing: Wash the peppers first, dry them, crush the spices, seal them with the peppers, and seal them into the cylinder. Serve after 7 days.

Green pepper pickled ingredients: green pepper 10 kg, salt 1.4 kg, water 2.5 kg, aniseed 25 grams, 30 grams of pepper, dry ginger 25 grams. Processing: Wash the bell peppers, dry them, poke them, and install them. Put the pepper, aniseed, and ginger into a cloth bag, put it in salt water and boil for 3 minutes to 5 minutes. Remove the brine until it cools. Stir once a day for 3 to 5 consecutive times. Serve after 30 days. Green color, spicy taste.

Red pepper pickled 10 kg of fresh red pepper, salt 2 kg, 500 grams of sugar. Processing: Wash the peppers, rinse in boiling water for 5 seconds, remove quickly, drain water, dry, pour into large basins and add salt, stir and mix sugar, marinate for 24 hours, then pour into cooking wine, seal and store. After 60 days Serve. Condition: crisp, tender, tasteful, can be table, but also seasoning.

Pepper bean paste ingredients: fresh pepper 10 kg, bean paste 10 kg, 500 grams of salt. Processing: Wash the peppers, remove the handle and chop. Add salt and bean paste to the jar after mixing. Turn it once a day. Serve after about 15 days.

Pepper sesame paste ingredients: fresh pepper 10 kg, 1 kg sesame, salt 1 kg, allspice 300 grams, 100 grams of pepper, star anise. Processing: The pepper, sesame, crushed, and pepper, star anise, allspice and salt into the tank and stir well after storage, with the food. Condition: color, fragrance, freshness, and spicy are all good.

Soy sauce chili Ingredients: 10kg salted pepper, 4kg soy sauce. Processing: remove the marinated salty peppers, drain the water, and then into the altar, drenched in soy sauce, turning once in two days, every 2 days to 3 days and then inverted cylinder 1, after 7 days Serve.

Chili paste red pepper 10 kg, salt 2.5 kg. Processing: The red pepper to the handle, wash; After grinding, grinding and then into the cylinder, stirring once a day, 10 days after sealing the tank Serve. Condition: bright red, delicate and delicate.

Ingredients: red pepper 10 kg, salt 1.5 kg, salty brine 10 kg, 100 grams of white wine, 250 grams of brown sugar, pepper, star anise 15 grams each. Processing: Select fresh, fleshy, non-wound, large red peppers with handles, together with a variety of spices and mix well into the altar to seal, after about 10 days Serve. Condition: fresh and crispy, slightly spicy

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