Through the wall behind the shutter pay attention to waterproof

Recently, the reporter interviewed Yang Xihua Peng, a vegetable farmer in Beihe Ya Village, Datian Township, Shouguang City, and saw a solid triangle lined every other row after seeing Master Yang's shed. According to Master Yang, these triangles are the support for the rear-mounted roller shutter.

Such a fixed type of rear-mounted shutter was introduced in this newspaper. Many village growers in Mazhai Village, Datian Township, Shouguang City, and surrounding areas have used such a method to secure the roller blind. “Because the 50 cm thick soil is fixed through the column, the back and the back roof, this kind of shutter is more stable. But there is a biggest drawback: if the seal is not good, the rear roof can easily enter the water through the piercing. It will lead to decay of the coverings such as straw curtains laid on the back roof, and will seriously collapse the collapsed roof,” said Master Yang.

There are problems we must think of ways to solve, Master Yang is how to make it not leak it? According to Yang’s introduction, under normal circumstances, water leakage is caused by the low position of the shutter support at the back of the roof, and the flow of water at that location gathers or flows there to cause water ingress. Therefore, as long as this place is elevated, there will be no leakage problem. “I plug the mulch from the inside of the shed along the inner corner of the triangle and stuff it up to the ridges of the overlying film, so that the water does not gather or run over there. This reduces the chance of entering the water, because the right angle of the triangle faces down and it's raining. It will not cause rain to accumulate because of the obstruction, so it will not allow rain to enter the rear roof along the triangle,” said Master Yang.

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