Soybean meal high production skill management

Soymeal is a perennial grass plant that is warm and humid. It is not cold tolerant and shades a little. The soil is not strict, and fertile, deep, moist and sandy soil is the best. The clever management of soybean meal after planting will help increase production. In the management should pay attention to the following points:

1. Apply compost and superphosphate after winter cultivator. The residue stems should be cut off in time to facilitate the growth of plants, and a new high-fat film should be sprayed on time to form a protective film to prevent the invasion of gas-borne pathogens and reduce the source of pathogens.

2, water and fertilizer management. According to the growth characteristics of pods, they need to be properly watered, cultivated and weeded. Generally in the flowering, fruiting stage, fruit expansion stage before the flowering bean pods Zhuang Tiling enhance pollen fertilization quality, improve the cycle fruit setting rate, promote fruit development, so that the pods harvested.

3, prevention and control of pests and diseases. During the growing period of soybean meal, it is easy to produce diseases such as blight and borer pests. In the case of spraying targeted medicines in time, targeted pesticides and new high-fat lipid film should be sprayed to form a protective film, which greatly improves the utilization of effective pharmaceutical ingredients. (China Plant Protection Network Guoli Red)

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