Current juice extracts generally contain additives

According to Voice of China's “Yangguang News,” the current juice is popular as a health drink for all seasons. In order to standardize the sales of such products, the state plans to introduce new rules and require the processing of freshly processed drinks into food. The time interval must not exceed 2 hours. So, can this rule put a “golden hoop” on the quality of the current squeezed juice? Who guarantees that the business "does not move" in the implementation? Here we connect Jilin Taiwan reporter Zhao Mengqiu:

Moderator: Will juices be consumed within two hours after processing in the market of Jilin Province. What will happen if new regulations are introduced?

Reporter: We found in the interview that the time limit for “drinking within two hours” is that there is no way to verify this because the drinks that the merchant sells to consumers will not tell consumers when the drinks are completed. The State Food and Drug Administration has not only referred to the time limit for processing and consumption in the “Administrative Measures for Current Pressed Beverages in Catering Service Units (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)”, but also mentioned that current juices must not use non-food raw materials and food additives. However, virtually all the juice retail outlets and restaurants offering such beverages around Jilin are barely able to make face-to-face production, and the fresh juices sold are not 100% fruit juices. For cost considerations, freshly squeezed fruit juices are usually made by diluting fruit juice extracted from fresh fruit with a small amount of fruit mixture plus mineral water. According to industry insiders, due to hidden operations, the addition of food additives to freshly squeezed juices has become a common phenomenon. Some of them are even completely blended with fruit powder, essence, pigment, and saccharin. Although the country has strict quantitative standards for the use of food additives, the current squeezed juices are hand-operated and accurate control is difficult, and strict supervision of their production processes is even more difficult.

Moderator: It seems that even if the state issues relevant regulations, the quality of the current squeezed drinks is still difficult to guarantee. Does the industry have good opinions and suggestions?

Reporter: In this draft of the draft, serious penalties were imposed on units and individuals who illegally produced freshly squeezed drinks. However, people in the industry stated that at present, the management approach is only a solicitation stage. Taking into account the difficulties in implementation, it is recommended that the current juice be accompanied by a credit card, indicating the composition, capacity, production time, and sales time, and dare to let customers take it. To the quality inspection department, if this is done, the immediate interests of consumers should be guaranteed

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