Expert: How do schizophrenia patients restore social function as soon as possible?

On the occasion of the upcoming World Mental Health Day, the 2009 World Mental Health Day Media Seminar was held in Beijing. Vice President Zheng Yi of Beijing Anding Hospital, Assistant Dean of Peking University Mental Health Research Institute, and Director Yao Guizhong of the Rehabilitation Department reviewed the development of medical science in China's spiritual field, the richness of treatment methods and the change of disease patterns, and presented the 60th birthday of New China. A healthy gift.

At the seminar, the participating experts discussed in depth the mental health institutions and service tasks and transformation in China; and emphasized the evolution of the treatment goals of schizophrenia: from the control of disease symptoms to the recovery of patients' social functions. At the same time, it discusses how to help schizophrenia patients to restore social function as soon as possible, and analyzes the significance of the functional assessment tool-Personal and Social Function Scale (PSP) on the early return of schizophrenia patients to society.

Schizophrenia is a recurrent, chronic, persistent disease characterized by high recurrence that can seriously impair a patient's social function and ability to work. Many patients who have relapsed after treatment discontinue their functions and can no longer reach the previous levels, causing a huge burden on families and society. At the seminar, Vice President Zheng Yi of Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University pointed out: "The data shows that the cost of treatment for schizophrenia in China has reached 10.79 billion yuan in three years, which is more than twice the cost of diabetes treatment. The high cost of hospitalization and treatment makes the burden of schizophrenia the fifth highest among all diseases. In order to alleviate the excessive pressure on society and the medical system, the development of mental health institutions in the world has gradually reduced the number of inpatients and strengthened community medical services. In the country, the '686' project promoted by the Ministry of Health proposes to establish a hospital-community integrated management model in China, strengthen community treatment and management of patients with mental illness, and give full play to community medical institutions, patient families and society. The power to help patients return to society as soon as possible."

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