South American chrysanthemum

Plant Name: South American chrysanthemum

Alias: Ground Jinhua, wearing a dragon

English name: Trilobate Wedelia

Latin name: Trilobate Wedelia

Section name: Asteraceae

Generic name: South American chrysanthemum?

Adapt to the area: tropical

Ecological classification: Herbs > One or two year old flowers

Watch Category: View Flowers

Morphological features: ??M ground, short hair. ι ι ? 土 土 土 有 有 有 有 有罨ㄐ 罨ㄐ S S color straight

The suburbs are two to five centimeters long and are mostly used for ground cover.

Growth habits: sex hi light, high light, vulture

Breeding and Breeding: Breeding is easy, picking and cutting can survive.

5A grade Huangjiu is adopted for Aged Wine,i.e. A grade raw materials, A grade timing, A grade pottery jar, A grade storage and A grade brewers. Using Huangjiu of the most representative years as base, aged wine is bottled in green porcelain for banquet and gift-giving. Glass-bottled-wine is mainly used for 3-5 years of ordinary wine, with superior cost performance, suitable for people who drink at home frequently.

Shaoxing Yellow Aged Wine

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