New livestock and poultry feed additives - kelp powder

The kelp powder or kelp powder is obtained by processing seaweed products from marine cultivation and harvesting. The protein contains about 8.2% of protein, 0.1% of fat, 5.7% of sugar, 9.8% of crude fiber, 2.25% of calcium, and 0.9% of iodine. It also contains inorganic salts and vitamins, especially certain immune resistance factors, anti-stress factors, and biologically active hormones, which can increase the feed conversion rate and promote the metabolism of the body.

Feeding fattening pigs 2% kelp powder was added to the basal diet of weaned piglets for two months. After feeding for 90 days, the daily gain increased by 23.62%, and the feed conversion rate increased by 13.23%.

Feeding sows with 500 grams of kelp, soaked in chopped and chopped, adding lard 50 grams to 100 grams (blasted oil), soup to feed sows, sows fed every 7 days to 8 days in the first month after delivery, Feeding once every 4 days to 5 days in the second month can increase milk yield. 500 grams of kelp chopped, add fresh meat bones 500 grams to 1000 grams, fresh water 2500 grams to 3000 grams Dunlan, remove the bones, the soup is divided into three meals mixed feed, is conducive to postpartum sows to restore appetite.

Feeding layer chickens in the layer chicken diet by adding 2% to 6% of kelp powder, egg production rate can be increased by 6.26% to 14.38%, iodine content in egg yolk increased by 7.29 times to 17.57 times.

Feeding ducks add 2% to 4% kelp powder in the diet. Feeding ducks, the survival rate increased by 6% to 9.6%, 7-week-old body weight increased 204 grams to 263 grams, while significantly increasing feed remuneration, adding 5% kelp powder in the duck and duck feed, egg fertilization rate rose from 57.83% 85.67%, the hatching rate rose from 66.87% to 80.85%.

Feeding dairy cows with 5% kelp powder in the dairy's basic diet increased milk production by about 1%, and the cow's estrus rate and conception rate increased significantly.

Feeding sheep into seaweed powder to feed ewes in a 1% amount of feed dry matter can increase hair and milk production by 27.8% and 16.2%, and the duration of lactation is extended by 25 days to 30 days.

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