How do cage cages prevent escape?

Cage rearing requires special care in preventing flight, and carelessness can cause loss of escape.
1 When processing cages, it is necessary to make sure that there are 2-3 sutures for the sewing of the mesh fabrics. There are ropes on the upper and lower edges when sewing the cages, and the bottom four corners should be particularly strong.
2 Check carefully before launching the cage to see if there is any hole or off line.
3 The wooden poles and bundled ropes of the fixed cage should be strong and firm to prevent the cage from being blown off by the wind to escape.
4 Fixed cages should pay attention to inspections when they add water to the pond or in case of heavy rain, so as to prevent escaping due to rising water levels.
5 boxes should be cut off in time when the water grass is too high.
6 When the wind is strong, note whether the cage is blown by the wind.
7 Kill rats in time to prevent them from biting the cage.
8 Prevent vandalism.
9 Because of the small holes in the larvae, a large number of algae plants will clog the mesh and make it difficult to exchange water inside and outside the tank. Therefore, the walls of the net should be brushed every other month or as appropriate, and at the same time, check the cage for holes.

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