How to maintain and repair the agricultural belt


Before installation, first check whether the driving pulley, the driven pulley and the tensioning wheel are on a plane. In general, the allowable deviation is 2 to 3 mm when the center distance of two pulleys is less than 1 meter, and the allowable deviation is when the center distance is more than 1 meter.

3 to 4 mm. If the deviation is too large, it should be adjusted to meet the requirements before installing and tensioning. When loading or unloading, firstly loosen the tensioning wheel, or remove the non-polar shifting end wheel first, and attach or remove the belt. When the new V-belt is too tight for loading and unloading, it is necessary to remove a pulley, install or remove the V-belt, and then install the pulley afterwards. The general group V-shaped belt should be removed after the pulley is removed.


The tension of the transmission belt is adjusted by the tensioning wheel. If the belt is too tight, the belt will be seriously worn. If the belt is too loose, slipping occurs easily, causing serious wear or even burning of the belt. Generally about two meters away from the track, press the middle of the triangle belt with your finger and it should be lowered vertically by 10 to 20 mm. The tension of the V-belt should be checked during use and adjusted at any time.


After the V-belts are in effect, they should be replaced in time. If multiple V-belts are used together, if one or more of them are effective, the other should be replaced at the same time. The old and new belts cannot be used together.

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