Raspberry High Yield Cultivation Management Technology

First, the preliminary preparation: 3 ~ 5 cubic meters per acre applied fertilizer or farmyard fertilizer, spread even deep, flat, ridging. Ridge width 50cm ~ 70cm, height 20cm ~ 30cm, ridge spacing is generally 2m ~ 2.5m. Roughly furrows. In particular, pay attention to the smooth drainage of the ditch to prevent it from rot. It is best to take sterilizing measures: Mix it with the appropriate amount of carbendazim (or thiophanate-methyl) in the manure, and throw it into the ground.

Second, the planting time: raspberry spring planting can be spring, spring planted in the soil after thawing seedlings before germination (March to April), the soil temperature of 10cm ~ 20cm stable at 10 °C above the suitable period for the spring planting; autumn It is better to plant seedlings after lignification until the soil is frozen (from October to November). Early planting is preferred. Seedlings lose less water, are easy to survive, and germinate earlier in the spring and grow faster. It is best to have one month before the soil is frozen, and the northern autumn seedlings are easy to "draw". The ground part is cut off by about 20cm. After the fall, it is buried over the winter.

Third, planting: raspberry seedlings planted row spacing is 2.50.5 meters, 530 per acre planted. The roots of the seedlings were soaked in water for 12-24 hours to ensure sufficient moisture in the seedlings. Roots are stretched and planted, and shallow roots are deeply buried. The roots and stems are flush with the ground. After the planting, the roots are fully stretched, and the roots are fully stretched. The water is poured on the ground, and the water is immersed and the surface layer is evacuated. In order to shorten the period of seedling sowing and improve the survival rate, it is necessary to diligently pour water and water less to keep the soil moist.

Fourth, fertilizer and water management: the first time from flowering to young fruit formation, mainly nitrogen fertilizer; the second time after the formation of fruit, the main phosphorus and potassium; Shiji fertilizer should be in the early autumn, to maturity of farmyard fertilizer , can also add the right amount of organic fertilizer. The base fertilizer was mixed with soil from the 40-60 cm side of the plant. When applying chemical fertilizers, the soil should have sufficient moisture, and about 0.3 kg of chemical fertilizer can be applied to the 50 cm side of the plant. Spray foliar fertilizer during fruiting period. The use of forestry fertilizers, microbial fertilizers and supplemented with chemical fertilizers are conducive to high yields and soil improvement, as well as improved fruit quality and sweetness. In order to achieve pollution-free, green food standards, it is best to use farmyard fertilizers.

The raspberry is hi moist, drought-tolerant, and water-resistant. When the drought is watered, the soil moisture is 60% and the depth can reach 40cm. Watering time in summer is best to choose after the temperature drops at 4pm. The principle is that the drought can be poured, and the water can be discharged. Pour frozen water before wintering in the north.

5. Pruning: For the first time from late April to early May, after the branches have been abducted and before the exhibition leaves. Raspberry spring shears are also known as pruning of fruit branches, including diseased plants and damaged branches. The second time the basal shoots germinated at the beginning of June and were carried out when the shoots grew to 40-50 cm. The principle of pruning is to keep strong and weak, and keep 6-8 strong branches growing in each grove. The closer the pruning to the ground, the better. The third time after the fruit was finished, all the branches that were finished were cut off. The fourth time is a short cut of the basal branches of the year, and the length of 170-180 cm is appropriate.

VI. Pest Control: Diseases, raspberries are more resistant to disease and fewer diseases. Once the disease occurs, it can be sprayed with bactericidal drugs such as doxycycline and sulfamethoxazole, and the insects can be sprayed with diterpenoids, cypermethrin, or consulted by experts.

Seventy-sixty-frame binding: spring raspberry unearthed shelf time should not be too early and not too late, until the late frost after l0cm ground temperature stable at 4-6 °C, you can. After unearthing, tie 10cm to one side of the rack and tie it to the iron wire. Cut the wounded and long branches to cut them. The height of the raspberry shelf is best from 1.6 meters to 1.8 meters.

8, buried soil cold: submerged before filling a permeable. First soil at the base to avoid crushing branches and pushing the raspberry branches down in one direction. The entire plant should be buried with soil strictly to avoid ventilation. The general soil layer is about 10cm, and the cold area can be covered with soil 20cm. When the absolute low temperature is higher than -25°C, winterization treatment can be avoided. (But in winter, dry and cold winds also have to be buried)

IX. Daily management: Conduct conventional management such as shoveling grass and loose soil, and plant some dwarfing crops or vegetables during the first year of planting.

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