How to make the pig less sick

How to make pigs less sick pigs are most afraid of pig disease, no matter how good a pig, once you get the disease, you must lose money. The use of Golden Retriever pigs in the fermentation bed to raise pigs has improved the immunity of pigs and enhanced the disease resistance of pigs. The fermentation bed made of sawdust wood chips, winter and cool in summer, not only safe and healthy, but also increase the weight of fast. After the golden baby's fermentation aid, sawdust and soil are mixed in a certain proportion, a certain amount of active agent and salt are added, and a small amount of rice bran and distiller's grains can also be added to achieve 60% moisture content to ensure functional microbial strains. Can reproduce in large quantities, start fermentation after a week or so, litter can not change every year. After feeding for a few days, due to the fermentation of microbial strains, the odor disappeared in the pig house, fly maggots stop breeding. After 20 days to 30 days, the bottom of the piggery bed also enters the natural reproduction state, and a white mycelium is formed in the middle. The temperature can reach 50 to 60°C or more (surface temperature is controlled between 25 and 30 degrees), and sterilization is achieved. effect. Pigs can be removed from the fermentation bed to remove offensive odors and the pigsty becomes clean. The living environment of the pigs has been greatly improved since the surface of the fermentation bed is perennially spring.

Food Additives are substances added to food. Some additives have been used for centuries. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the twentieth century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin.

The advantages of food additives are these followed:

1. Improve the appearance of food.
2. Keep and enhance the nutrition value of food.
3. Increase the variety and conveniences of food.
4. Miantain freshness and prolong shelf life.
5. Provide leavening or control acidity and alkalinity.

Food Additives

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