Rose Dew Features

The characteristics of rose dew Rose, bright color, graceful, most cute. Roses in full bloom are the treasures of ornamental flowers, buds that need to be placed, and medicines in medicine gardens. Folks often use sugar roses to open water, sweet and delicious, but also qi and blood circulation; with rose wine soak, Shujinhuoxue, can cure joint pain.
Since rose has such a high medicinal value, it certainly cannot be wasted. Utilizing the world's most expensive Bulgarian rose varieties as raw materials, the essence of traditional and modern craftsmanship, refined and refined from the international flavor of pure natural dew - Bulgarian Rose Original, is the development of medicinal roses. The main uses of Rose Original Dew (Solid Dew) are as follows:
1, the skin: moisturizing emollient, wrinkle anti-aging.
Spray the rose essence directly on the face or skin surface and gently rub it with your hands. In addition to the sweet and sweet rose scent typical of Bulgarian rose flowers, it also cleans and moisturizes the skin, removes wrinkles, and delays the appearance of skin. Aging, increasing skin radiance and elasticity, and promoting the absorption of nutrients by skin hair. .
2, mouth: clear bad breath smell, let the population teeth fragrant.
Drinking pure water in drinking water and drinking directly can not only immediately remove bad breath, but also can achieve the unique effects of fragrance, blemishes, liver respiration, and blood circulation. Throughout the year, both men and women are suitable.
3, the spirit: Shuangshen soothing, Yue has been pleasing.
The original rose reveals its ability to shrink the subcutaneous blood vessels, relieve tension, play a role in moisturizing the body, balancing the skin's pH, and adjusting the menstrual cycle. Commonly used in love aphrodisiac, creating a warm and romantic world fairyland atmosphere. Apply, spray, bath.
4, air: fresh air, dust and add incense; fragrance fragrance, killing bacteria.
Rose Rose has a strong bactericidal antibacterial effect, anti-inflammatory desensitization, both clean and fresh air is a good helper, but also in the pleasant aroma of the killing of harmful bacteria, is the human body, homes, cars and other small space The friendly, warmest and fresh air "Jewell". Rose Original is widely used in small and medium-sized hotel rooms, office buildings, bathrooms, car planes and other fresh air. It can be directly used as toilet water, perfume spray on the hair, clothing, shoes, hats, scarves, living room, artificial flowers, indoor plant flowers. And in the car, it is full of aromatic and long aftertaste. Can also be used for mosquito bites, allergic skin, itching, anti-allergic and so on.

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