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Naturally sweetened fruits taste good due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, abuse of hormone-containing growth agents, resulting in the fruits of the market "beautiful but difficult to swallow." Occasionally encountered super-sweet, not infused with sweet fruit essence, is to produce a sense of diarrhea. Is there no way to naturally sweeten melons? Biosweetening is a pure biological agent that does not contain chemical hormones. It is the use of high-tech means to fully utilize the functions and metabolites of microorganisms to accomplish the special mission of increasing sweetness and improving internal and external quality through the wisdom of human beings, allowing “naturally-originated” microorganisms to be “happy with service”. "In nature," for the benefit and contribution of human health and safety, the seeds and fruits produced are "seeing each other," "selling," and "taste". The producers can rest assured that they can safely eat. This microbiological product is a sweet and unpleasant nemesis that is widely used in all kinds of crops, especially in the greenhouse crops, economic crops, sightseeing and picking garden. Biosweetening spirit is mainly for fruits and vegetables products with high appearance and inherent quality requirements. It quickly supplements the various nutrients needed in the plant through the foliage, overcomes disadvantageous conditions such as low temperature and low light, prevents falling flowers and fruit, promotes fruit enlargement, and prevents Cracked fruit, significantly improve the appearance and intrinsic quality of the fruit. Low price, good effect, no hormone. It is the application of the latest international microbiological engineering technology results, specifically for the appearance and intrinsic quality requirements of the fruit and vegetable products, specifically developed and formulated a new type of microbial preparations, the use of this product can significantly overcome the drawbacks of the previous use of hormones and growth regulators, The melons quickly return to their original flavor, which is more sweet and delicious.

Our Stretch Film is 100% virgin polyethylene based film that is used to protect and tighten products during storage or delivery. It is good choice for you to handle various load types and provide excellent protection, such as  combining small,individual items into larger loads as well as primary packaging material. Other benefits of stretch film  includes reducing freight costs,improving warehouse and inventory control as well as assuring product quality and cleanliness.

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