American researchers have developed new devices to treat meniscus injury

Release date: 2007-10-10

US researchers develop new devices to treat meniscus injury The University of Missouri announced that the school's researchers have developed a new medical device for the treatment of knee meniscus injury, which can effectively repair meniscus tears. The meniscus is a filling tissue at the knee, a "shock absorber" for the knee that connects and stabilizes. But two-thirds of the meniscus is avascular tissue, so the meniscus cannot be repaired after tearing. In the past, after the meniscus was torn, doctors sometimes had to completely remove the damaged meniscus, which usually led to impaired knee function and knee arthritis. Therefore, the meniscus tear is seen as an irreparable knee injury. The new medical device developed by the University of Missouri can transport the blood flow and cells of the patient's knee vascular tissue to the avascular tissue of the meniscus, and induce the meniscus to repair itself. In the latest issue of the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the researchers reported that they tested the efficacy of the device on 25 dogs with severe meniscus tears. After a few weeks, all dogs had a meniscus or complete Repair, or partial repair. Currently, the device has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of meniscus tears in humans. According to the researchers, meniscal tears are a very common knee injury. About 1 million meniscal tears are performed in the United States each year. New devices help patients with meniscus tears to restore knee function. ——Midi Medical Network

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