Indian Date Processing Technology

The Indian jujube, also known as Maozao jujube, is a new species of fruit tree imported from Taiwan and abroad in recent years, and it is widely welcomed for its characteristics of early harvest and high yield. Indian jujube is not resistant to storage, generally only 4 to 5 days, so post-harvest treatment directly affects economic efficiency. Therefore, Indian dates can be processed into two types of sweet dates and preserved fruit (such as Thai popular Indian food processed into useful food). Its processing technology is as follows:

First, the date

Process flow: material selection → classification → cleaning → quilting → sugar cooking → drying → integer type → finished product packaging.

1, the choice of material classification: eliminate insects, overheating, mechanical damage. According to the size of the fruit size, it is sorted with a fruit selector or by hand. Due to different varieties, fruit color at maturity is inconsistent and it is best to batch process the varieties. The general fruit can be harvested when it turns from green to light green or pale yellow.

2, quilting: according to the grading of fruit production of the corresponding diameter quilting machine, mouthwash 32-40, the depth is about 1/2 of the flesh. The guillotine is mounted on one end of the stainless steel tube, and the fruit is loaded from the other end. The fruit is pushed out by the pusher and the fruit is quilted longitudinally.

3, candied: sugar can be used to share sugar 3 times, the same amount each time. The same weight of sugar and water is placed in a boiling pot (material is stainless steel or copper) and boiled. The treated fruit is added, and the sugar liquid should be covered with fruit. Bring to a stop for 30 minutes after boiling and stir at any time. When the sugar is immersed in the nucleus, the jujube nucleus can be seen through the glare of the jujube. At this time, the jujube will be drained and placed in another cold pot. After the second addition of sugar to the sugar solution and boiling, the fire was ceased, and the first candied dates, which had been cooled, were added and immersed for one day, and then the dates were drained. The third addition of sugar into the sugar solution was repeated.

4. Drying: Drain the jujubes of the sugar liquid and lay them on a flat bamboo plate to bake. The temperature is controlled at about 55°C, the temperature is too high and it is easy to return to sugar, too low is not easy to dry. Turn it once in two hours. After 24 hours, the jujube was pressed by hand into a flat type and baked a second time. The temperature did not exceed 80°C. Jujube dates should be dried in batches. When hand-cut open dates, the separation of nuclear meat is a good standard for processing.

5, quality standards: uniform quilting, full sugar, about 70% sugar, no smell, no impurities.

100 kg Indian dates can process 40-45 kg of finished products.

Second, jujube.

Process flow: material selection → grade → quilting → smoked jujube → washed jujube → candied → dry → coloring → integer type → back roasting → finished product packaging. The choice of materials, classification, and quilting processes are the same as those for making dense dates. The differences are:

1, smoked jujube: The jujube blank placed in a smoke room, ignited sulfur for fumigation for two or three hours, thin skin shorter time, thick skin can be properly extended, smoked sulfur to the jujube blank to golden or light yellow. The process is mainly to prevent the tannins in fruits from oxidizing to brown, and to preserve vitamin C, disinfect, sterilize and prevent the fermentation of sugar liquid.

2. Washing jujube: Use 5% citric acid water to wash the sulfur flavor of the jujube blank and drain.

3, candied: Preparation of 50% sugar, containing 0.1% sodium sulfite, together with the jujube into the boiling pot to boil, add cold syrup to stop boiling it, repeat the operation 5 times. When the jujube is soft and the fine lines appear on the surface, dry sugar is added and sugar is added 6 times. For example, cook 50 kilograms of dates, add 5 kilograms of sugar to the first, second, and third times, add 1.5 kilograms of boiled jujube sugar, add 7-8 kilograms of sugar to the fourth and fifth times, and add 10 kilograms of sugar to the sixth sugar-free date. About 20 minutes after the sixth sugar addition, the jujube was translucent, that is, ceasefire or pour the jujube sugar into the jar for 28-48 hours. The canning time is generally 2 hours, and the whole process keeps small fire boiling.

4. Drying: Drain the dried dates of the sugar liquid into the barn for drying. The temperature is 55-65°C for the first 4 hours, 65-75°C for 4 hours, and 75-85°C for 4 hours. Generally roasted until the flesh has increased resilience, and it is not sticky. At this time, the moisture content of jujube is lower than 25%. During the drying process, you should always turn the dates so that they are heated evenly and dry consistently.

5, coloring: deployment of 70% of the syrup, and according to the needs of the market to add food colorings and spices, and then Zaozhi soaked in syrup for 2 days.

6. Back roasting: Drain the jujubes and dry them again, until they are not sticky, press the fruit into flat round shape until the sugar content of the preserved fruit is 70%. When the content is less than 18%, the preserved fruit is soft and sticky. Stop baking.

7. Quality standards: The fruit and veins are clear and translucent, moderate in toughness, and free of mildew. The sulphur content (measured by sulphur dioxide) does not exceed 0.1 g/kg.

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