Excessive summer tomatoes management points

Anqiu City in our province, the open area of ​​tomatoes is relatively large, in the summer hot season, exposed tomatoes management should pay attention to what? The author interviewed some local growers and summarized the following points:
Select disease-resistant and heat-tolerant varieties According to the planting season, select high-yield and high-quality varieties that are disease-resistant, heat-resistant and have a long shelf life.
Before the implementation of rotation selection, no oyster plots of solanaceous vegetables were planted. It is best to rotate crops with field crops. Cultivation in disease-free areas is a simple and effective measure to achieve high yields and stable yields when tomatoes are cultivated in summer. Fields generally have poor fertility. Before planting, deep plowing must be carried out to increase base fertilizer. Generally, 3000-5000 kg of farmyard manure, 100 kg of superphosphate, and 30 kg of compound fertilizer are used per mu.
Cultivation of sorghum mulching film to cultivate tomatoes should generally be covered with high ridge or sorghum mulching. The pods are generally made of sorghum 20-25 cm tall and then covered with plastic film. The high mulching film coverage is not only beneficial to maintain water and fertilizer, but also conducive to drainage in the rainy season and prevent disease and prevent decay.
The cultivation of strong seedlings and appropriate sparse cultivation of tomatoes in summer are generally scheduled to be harvested from July to September. The cultivation density of tomato should not be too large in summer, and the density is too large to be poor in ventilation and light transmission, and in the field, it is prone to various diseases and premature plant failure. In general, a width of 1.6 meters (90 centimeters wide and 70 centimeters wide) is planted in two rows, with a spacing of 50 centimeters and a spacing of 45 centimeters. Only 1900 plants are planted per acre. Other areas may be combined with local conditions and sparsely planted. No more than 3,000 per acre, strong seedlings should be planted when planting.
Reasonable pruning and multi-layered fruit-holding tomatoes should be cultivated in summer and cultivated in multiple layers. Pruning can be done with single or double dry pruning. On the basis of spring tomato production, it is also possible to adopt the continuous replacement head regeneration pruning method for the cultivation of over-summer cultivation. Single or double dry pruning, or continuous regeneration of pruning, generally have to focus on the top 50 days before the frost topping. To prevent the fruit from ripening. Toppings generally have to leave two functional leaves, the top should not be too early, too early to cause premature aging, tomato cultivation generally single plant results 5 to 10 spikes, 20 to 30 fruits.
To strengthen the management of the field. The cultivation of tomatoes in the early summer should be conducted through the application of base fertilizer and appropriate seedlings. To promote deep rooted leaves and high temperature before the arrival of the rainy season, we must pay attention to adjust the balance between good nutrition and reproductive growth, appropriate thinning and fruit thinning, to avoid falling, to maintain vigorous growth of plants. To remove the old leaves and diseased leaves of the plant in time. It is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases such as late blight, virus disease and spot disease; and timely control of insect pests such as aphids and cotton bollworms. When the temperature is high and it is rainy, the tomatoes are easy to fall. 25~30ppm of tomatoes can be used to spray or spray flowers to protect the fruit. Minimal or no use of 2,4-D is needed to reduce the number of deformed fruits.
Timely harvesting of tomatoes is generally started in mid-July, when they are harvested. To avoid rotten fruit and fruit cracking, the fruit should be harvested immediately when the fruit begins to turn red.

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