Plastic film watermelon timely prevent premature aging

1. When the fattened watermelon grows to a large size, 30 kg of urea per mu and 10 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate are used to fertilize the water. Afterwards, the fertilizer may be top-dressed once or sprayed 2-3 times according to the growth of the plants, and a mixture of urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate may be used.

2, do not leave the first melon first live in a timely manner removed after the seat, leaving the second melon, sub-grass not let it melon, this can effectively prevent premature aging.

3, to ensure soil moisture in the morning and evening temperatures when water is low. To prevent loss, wheat straw, leaves and weeds can be covered in the roots of the plants. After sitting on the melon, the imaginary soil under the membrane around the plant is pressed down by hand to form a small basin. When it rains, it can make the rain seep through the pellicle hole at the base of the plant to the watermelon heel. In addition, high-efficiency drought-repellents and water-retaining agents can also be sprayed.

4, early prevention of disease According to the actual situation of the local watermelon, easy to disease, before the onset or early onset, targeted spraying a variety of agents. Watermelon blight can be treated with mancozeb 600 times liquid, or Amistar 1500 times, or antiviral 500-700 times. Watermelon anthracnose can be sprayed with 800-1200 times of the world's high, or 600-750 times of miconazole, or 50% of carbendazim 500 times. Fusarium wilt of watermelon, at the beginning of disease, can be used to irrigate roots with 800-1000 times of 70% of enemy cough, 250 ml per plant, or use 10 g of enemy pine powder to mix 200 g of flour, add water to make a paste, apply to the base of plants . It can also be used 800 times solution Shile, sclerotium net 400 times liquid irrigation. Virus disease, aphid in the growth stage sprayed with Akte 3000-5000 times, cut off the transmission route. At the beginning of the disease, virus treatment such as spraying A500 times virus was used.

1) Good for kidney,vision and eyes; nutritional for lung.
2) Enhancing immunity.
3) Wolfberry Extract can be used as good remedy for old people.

4) Wolfberry Extract is known to be good remedy on diseases related to kidney.


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