Automatic Fisher Feeder Type and Application

First, the type of fishery automatic feeder 1, from the scope of application can be divided into: (1) pond feeder: is the most widely used in the feeding machine, the largest amount of use. As the feed for pond culture is mainly pellet feed, the dredging mechanism generally uses a motor to drive the turntable and throws the feed out by centrifugal force. According to the size of the pond, its scattering area is 10-50 square meters. (2) Feeders for cages: According to the conditions of use, they are divided into surface cage feeders and deepwater cage feeders. The area of ​​a single surface cage is generally 5 meters and 5 meters. The location of the sprinkler should be in the center of the cage. The area of ​​scattering is generally controlled at about 3 square meters. Excessive area may cause feed to flow out of the cage. Deep-water cage feeders need to feed directly to the center of the cage a few meters below the water surface. (3) Automatic fish feeder for industrialized fish farming: It is generally used for industrial fish farming and greenhouse fish farming. It requires the feeder to feed less and accurately each time, and the scattering area is generally about 1 square meter. Such feeders can be networked for remote monitoring and automation. 2. Feeding feed characteristics are divided into: (1) Grain bait feeder: Due to the wide use of pellet feeds, such feeders use the most, and the technology is more mature. (2) powdered bait feeding machine: powdered feed is generally used for fry feeding, because the fry eat less, each feeding amount to be accurate. At present, there are few applications for such feeders. (3) Pasty bait feeder: It is mainly used for automatic feeding of cockroaches and cockroaches, and its application range is narrow. (4) Fresh material feeder: It is mainly used in the cage culture of fresh fish fed with carnivorous fish. Second, the application of fishery automatic feeding machine 1, the choice of feeding machine: First of all according to the breeding mode to determine which kind of bait machine to choose; Second, according to their own economic conditions, choose the function of feeding machine, under conditions permitting As far as possible, the full-featured bait-baiting machine is selected. Thirdly, the bait-feeder used in the pond is selected based on the pond area and the fish yield. It is not the higher the rotational speed of the bait-feeder motor, the farther the distance is cast, and the larger the area is. The bigger the better. For example, in a 0.2-0.3 hectare pond, about 1500 kg per 0.067 hectare, the throwing distance of the feeder is 5-8 meters. If the throwing distance of the feeder is too long and the area is too large, it will cause the edge part. The waste of feed. Therefore, a reasonable choice of feeding machine has a direct impact on the utilization of feed. In the feeding process, the feeding amount should be adjusted according to the feeding conditions of the fish in a timely manner to reduce the loss of the feed. Fourth, the size of the cage, the density of the cage setting, and the weight of the cage should be taken into consideration when selecting the feeder for the cage. Quantity and other factors. 2. Use of bait feeder: First, read the manual carefully before installing and using the bait feeder, or understand the voltage, wiring method and precautions to the dealer; Second, no matter which bait feeder When used, they are close to the water surface, so they must be inspected regularly to prevent leakage and power failure. Third, in the process of production management, it is necessary to observe changes in weather, water temperature, water color, and fish eating conditions, and based on these changes Adjust the setting of the feeding machine in time to ensure that the fish can get enough feed without causing feed wastage. Fourthly, if there is a failure in the feeding machine, contact the manufacturer or distributor in time and do not disassemble it. Dangerous and trouble-prone.

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