Brief description of the structure of the spring type quick closing butterfly valve

The spring type quick closing butterfly valve is mainly composed of a butterfly valve, a hydraulic-spring drive device, a hydraulic station and an electric control box. When the valve is opened, the system issues a command (the electric control box is set to remote control), the hydraulic station works, the hydraulic oil enters the bottom of the cylinder to push the piston to open the butterfly valve, and the spring in the spring cylinder is compressed and stored. When there is an emergency in the working system, the butterfly valve will receive an accident signal and will be quickly closed under the action of the spring. The closing time is 013~015s, thus protecting the working system and pipeline equipment.

Since the working medium for the quick closing butterfly valve is medium and high temperature gas, a special structure is adopted when designing the butterfly valve.

(1) The butterfly board adopts a triple eccentric structure, so that the sealing surface of the butterfly plate will be separated from the sealing surface of the valve body immediately after opening and closing during the opening and closing process. In the closing process, only the closing moment is instantaneous, and the sealing surface of the butterfly plate is only It will contact and press the sealing surface of the valve body to ensure the seal, completely eliminating the abrasion and scratch between the two sealing surfaces. At the same time, the tapered cone structure has a self-positioning function to ensure the neutrality of the disc.

(2) Floating seal ring metal - graphite sandwich seal adopts floating seal type. When the butterfly valve has temperature change during installation or use, the floating seal can compensate the slight deformation of the valve body and seal the butterfly valve. Always at the best.

(3) The shaft end temperature compensation mechanism has a higher temperature of the butterfly valve, taking into account the thermal expansion effect of the valve shaft. In order to prevent the valve shaft from being able to open normally, the temperature compensation mechanism is added at the upper and lower shaft ends. Through several sets of support washers with the same function as the disc spring, the valve shaft size change caused by the temperature is automatically adjusted to compensate for the unfavorable factors caused by the excess deformation, thereby ensuring that the disc is not offset, the shaft end is not leaking, and the tail end The end is not damaged.

The normal operation state (power-on state) of the quick-closing butterfly valve is normally open, and it is required to be quickly turned off only in the event of a system failure (power-off state). According to this feature, the driving device must have an automatic reset function, that is, the driving device causes the butterfly valve to be opened when the power is turned on, and the driving device automatically resets when the power is turned off to close the butterfly valve. There are many types of automatic resetting drives. Considering the high safety requirements of the butterfly valve, the fork shifting and spring returning structure is adopted, which mainly consists of a box body, a fork, a cylinder, a piston, a piston rod, a spring and a spring cylinder. composition.

Since the butterfly valve quick closing time is required to be within 015s, considering the performance, the pin in the fork is made of alloy steel, and the cylindrical roller bearing is assembled at the contact part of the fork, and the piston force of the cylinder is transmitted to the dialing. The fork, in this way, reduces friction, improves life and increases torque transmission efficiency. Due to the spring action mechanism, the safety of the spring is carefully considered. The independent safety protection screw makes it unnecessary to use special tools and ensure the safety of the operator once the spring is installed and disassembled in the field. It is safe and convenient to load and disassemble the spring.

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