Installation and use of hot and cold cylinders

After placing the equipment at the intended location, adjust the four foot bolts to the level and then install the inlet and outlet tubes. Note that the valve cannot be installed at the drain port to ensure unobstructed drainage. In addition, the electrical line must not be reversed, to ensure clockwise mixing.

Use and maintenance
Before using the hot and cold cylinder, the reservoir must be cleaned with water and then steamed. The material pipe is inserted into the cylinder by the material pipe (Dg40, Dg50) fixed on the cylinder head, or the cylinder head is directly opened, and the material is not suitable to be filled too much to avoid splashing when stirring.

Heating method: When heating, the cooling medium inlet valve must be closed and the remaining cooling medium in the jacket should be drained, then the heating medium should be added, and then the material should be input. Turn on the stirrer and turn on the thermostat. After reaching the desired temperature, turn off the stirrer after 2-3 minutes.

Cooling method: Turn off the power switch, release the heating medium in the jacket, and then open the inlet valve of the cooling medium at the bottom of the cylinder to pass the cooling medium through the jacket to reduce the temperature of the material in the cylinder.

Insulation: According to the required temperature, set the temperature controller to the predetermined temperature, start the stirrer, the temperature can be automatically kept constant, thus achieving the purpose of heat preservation.

Cleaning: After the processing is finished, drain the heat medium in the jacket and the material in the cylinder, rinse immediately with warm water, brush off the residual material sticking to the inner wall, and then thoroughly clean it with 40--50 °C alkaline water. Rinse with water and disinfect with 90 °C hot water or steam for 2-3 minutes before use.

Maintenance: Always pay attention to the working condition of the whole equipment and reducer. When the reducer oil is insufficient, it should be replenished immediately. Change the oil once every half year (40# oil). When the equipment is not in use, be sure to clean the jacket with water to avoid salt water corrosion. Always scrub the cylinder to keep the exterior bright and the inside clean.

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