Double-layer sterilization pot hot water tank and sterilization work steps

The hot water tank working steps of the double-layer sterilization pot have two steps, which are respectively heating the hot water tank and the hot water tank.

There are 9 steps in the sterilization process of the double-layer sterilization pot, which are water injection in the lower pot, heating in the lower pot, heat preservation in the lower pot, hot water recovery, cooling water injection, cooling cycle, cooling drainage, exhaust in the pot, and end of work. The following is a detailed explanation.

Hot water tank working steps:

1. Hot water tank water: manually open the “water valve”, click “feed water pump” and “upper pot exhaust valve” on the “manual screen” of the operation panel, visually observe the pot glass level gauge, when it reaches When appropriate water levels, close each valve.

2, hot water tank heating: press the "on the pot" button, the system automatically controls the water temperature and pressure of the tank, when the water temperature of the tank reaches the "parameter setting" value, the system stops and alarms.

Sterilization pot work steps:

1. Fill the pot with water: Put the product into the lower pot, lock the pot door and prompt the alarm, press the “sterilization button” (green) button, the system will detect whether the pressure of the upper hot water tank reaches the set pressure of the upper tank. If the "upper tank air valve" is not opened, raise the upper tank to set the pressure to close, open the "hot water recovery valve" and "circulation water outlet valve", press the hot water of the upper tank into the lower pot, when the upper tank is When the water level reaches the low water level or the water level of the lower pot reaches the high liquid level, this step ends and the next work step is completed.

2, the temperature of the lower pot: China Unicom valve, circulating water inlet valve, circulating water outlet valve, circulation pump, steam valve open, the pressure inside the pot automatically maintains the set pressure, when the set sterilization temperature is reached, enter the insulation step (sterilization step) .

3, cycle insulation; after the set sterilization temperature, start the sterilization countdown, during the temperature, pressure control, when the set time is reached, the hot water recovery step.

4, hot water recovery step: Unicom valve, hot water recovery valve, circulating water outlet valve, circulation pump open, automatic pressure control inside the pot, when the water level of the pot reaches a low water level or the upper tank reaches a high water level, this step ends and the next work step.

5. Cooling water injection: Feed water pump, China Unicom valve and water supply bypass valve are first opened. When the temperature in the boiler drops to the set water supply main valve opening temperature, the water supply main valve is opened, the water injection speed is increased, and the pressure is controlled automatically. When the water level reaches When the high level of the pot is lowered, this step ends and the next step is taken.

6. Circulating cooling: the circulating pump is running, the circulating water inlet valve is opened, and the pressure is automatically controlled. The system starts the cooling time countdown by itself. When the set cooling time is reached, the step ends and the next working step is completed. (If the upper tank is automatically heated during the cooling process in the "System Screen" of the operation panel, if the upper tank temperature is lower than the set temperature, the upper tank will automatically heat up)

7. Drainage in the pot: The drain valve and the circulating pump are opened, and the cooled circulating water is discharged by the pump until the set low water level is reached. The drain step stops and enters the exhaust step.

8. Exhaust: The exhaust valve opens to remove the residual gas in the pot until the pressure in the pot is zero.

9. End of work: The system is reset, and an audible and visual alarm is issued, prompting the operator to end the sterilization of the product.

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