Epidemic Characteristics and Control Techniques of Fusarium Wilt

I. Disease characteristics

Pathogens mainly in the soil or in the off-season in the growing season can spread with rain, irrigation water, agricultural machinery, soil and organic fertilizer.

II. Control methods

1. Rotary cereal crops; 2 removal of diseased bodies, application of net fertilizer, use of disease-free seeds; 3. strengthen fertilizer and water management, multi-moisture cultivation using high-altitude or half-high ridge cultivation, timely removal of diseased plants; 4. with liquid solution Watering the roots, the effective agents are carbendazim, thiophanate-methyl, Polaroid, Bupubi, soil bacteria elimination, green hen No. 1, Shigao, enemy off, Tektronix and so on.

Frozen Purple Potato

The frozen purple potato refers to the fresh purple potato which is processed under frozen vegetable method.

Frozen vegetable is a kind of frozen food. It is a small packaged food made of Fresh Vegetables such as pepper, tomato, beans and Cucumber after processing and frozen at the lowest temperature as soon as possible.

Production technology of Frozen Vegetables:

Raw material washing → primary sterilization → slicing → secondary sterilization → dehydration → quick freezing → packaging → refrigeration

Frozen vegetables are not just a single dish, but many kinds with mixed a variety of dishes. By matching with a variety of mixed dishes, they have reasonable nutritional value,can provide more comprehensive vitamins.

The frozen vegetable is including many different kinds of vegetables, for example, bell pepper, tomato, potato, beans (soybean pod, salted soybean, shelled soybean, greaan beans, green peas and so on), green asparagus, garlic sprout, pumkin, okra, corns, peanut, lotus slice and many more.

As we know, the vegetable contains lots of vitamins and fibres, minerals and nutrients that is good and healthy for our body and daily life.

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