Li Keqiang: AIDS must strengthen the cooperation of departments and improve the hierarchical responsibility mechanism

Li Keqiang: Preventing AIDS from Strengthening Departmental Cooperation and Improving Grading Mechanism On November 26, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, and director of the State Council's AIDS Prevention Working Committee, presided over the fourth plenary session of the State Council's Working Committee on AIDS Prevention. Li Keqiang said that the government has a great responsibility to fight AIDS. To adapt to changes in circumstances, innovative ways, more effective prevention and control. The first is to expand the scope of antiviral treatment, as long as the infected person is found to carry out free antiviral treatment. Second, for the treatment of opportunistic infections, basic health insurance for urban employees and residents has been included in the study based on the coverage of new rural cooperative disease protection. The third is to break the departmental restrictions and coordinate operations in the area of ​​AIDS detection to form a joint force. The fourth is to improve the mechanism for classifying and responsibly. The central government must increase input and strengthen key prevention and control. Local authorities must also implement unified arrangements and solve the problem of local ownership and power at the grassroots level.

Before the meeting began, Li Keqiang held discussions with representatives of non-governmental organizations and international organizations. At the meeting, the Ministry of Health and other relevant departments and local government officials spoke. Li Keqiang pointed out that AIDS is a medical problem that has not yet been completely overcome. It has a great influence on the people's mentality. The prevention and treatment of AIDS is not only a medical problem but also a social problem. The 18th CPC National Congress proposed to strengthen social development, lay a solid battle against AIDS, and engage in protracted warfare. This is related to the health of the people and the harmony and stability of society.

Li Keqiang said that prevention and treatment of AIDS must play a role in social organizations. It is necessary to explore and improve effective mechanisms, support social organizations in terms of capital and technology, innovate financial investment methods, and purchase more services from the community. This will not only help strengthen the power of AIDS prevention, but also accumulate experience for the reform of the entire social field.

Li Keqiang emphasized that using social forces to do a good job in society is an inevitable requirement for promoting social system reform and strengthening social development. Especially in the new circumstances where HIV transmission is more subtle and private, social organizations have a more unique role in participating in AIDS prevention and control. It is necessary to explore and improve effective mechanisms, research and establish the AIDS prevention fund, and diversify funding to provide support. It is necessary to improve the tax reduction and exemption policies for public welfare organizations and provide employment support to college students participating in public welfare activities.

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