Fruit sugar cane cultivator management

First, timely fertilization: combined with the first weeding after the emergence of fertilization, the second field growing season combined with diluted soil fertility, the third time the timely application of foliar fertilizer and balanced fertilizer, sprayed with a new high fat film each time , greatly increase the rate of fat ingredients.

Second, earth Dingmiao: Generally should be soil 3-4 times a year, each time intervals of about 30 days, combined with soil, Dingmiao timely, timely spraying of new high-fat membrane, on the surface of the plant, can prevent the invasion of bacteria, improve the ability to resist natural disasters Enhance the intensity of photosynthesis and protect seedlings.

Third, rational irrigation: fruit sugar cane water demand, should pay attention to timely irrigation, but should avoid large-water irrigation, promote light water irrigation, keep the soil dry and wet, mainly moist, timely spraying strong stalk, can make plants Stem thick, leaf hypertrophy, fresh leaves, plants lush, strong natural taste. At the same time, it can increase the ability to resist disasters, reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers, and reduce residual poisons.

Fourth, stripping lotus leaf: After the elongation of the sugarcane plant, the stripping of the leaf begins. Each time the stripping leaves 3-4 pieces, too much leaf stripping will affect the plant growth, and the stripping leaves will not affect the powder in time.



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