Key technologies to improve reproduction rate of female foxes

The key technologies for raising the reproduction rate of female foxes are the following: First, mastering the condition of female foxes in time for breeding; second, grasping fox breeding management.

1 Fox breeding techniques

1.1 estrus identification of fox

The estrus of silver black foxes is generally from mid-January to mid-March. Arctic foxes enter the public fox during the estrus period from late April to April. They are active, tend to be emotional, have reduced feed intake, and frequently urinate. "Aroma" is thickened. The fox's breeding ability can last 60-90 days. The estrus identification of female foxes is relatively complex. The most practical identification methods in rural areas are mainly the genital observation method and the test method.

1.1.1 Observation of the vulva

After the female fox estrus, changes in the genital area can be divided into three stages: pre-estrus, estrus, and late estrus. In order to facilitate the observation of changes in the estrus of the female fox, the pre-estrus is usually divided into the pre-estrus stage and the first stage of estrus. 1 estrus first phase: estrus female fox pussy begins to swell, pubic hair separates, exposes the vulva, the vagina discharges the secretion with the special odor, the performance is uneasy, is active. This period generally lasts 2 to 3 days, but some mother foxes last for about 1 week or more. 2 The first two stages of estrus: The female fox is swollen and swollen. The flat surface of the swelling is bright, and it is hard and inelastic when touched. Vaginal secretions are pale in color. When they are right, they chase each other and play. When the male fox tries to mate and climb, the female fox does not raise the tail and returns to bite the male fox and refuses to mate. This period can last 1 to 2 days. (3) Period of estrus: The degree of swelling of the vulva is changed, the swelling surface disappears and wrinkles appear, and when touched, it is soft, elastic, and fades in color. Vaginal discharge thick white secretions. The appetite of the female fox decreased, and some female foxes stopped eating for 1 to 2 days. At this time, the male and female foxes were released, and the female fox performed quietly. When the fox approached, the female fox actively lifted the tail to the side and accepted the mating. This is the most suitable time for mating. Silver foxes can last 2 to 3 days, and arctic foxes can last 3 to 5 days. Of course, there are special circumstances, the young fox of the first heat of the estrus, not as typical as the above situation, according to the test situation to be flexible on the situation 4 estrus late: the genital area gradually shrinking, the color turns white, put right, the mother fox to the public Fox showed alertness and refused to mate.

1.1.2 Test method.

The test method is to put the female fox in a fox cage and judge the fox's estrus based on the behavior of the female fox. The public fox used for the trial should be docile and not bite the fox. During the trial, when the female fox was found sniffing the genitals of the female fox, raising the tail and frequently urinating and climbing each other, the female fox could be considered as suitable for breeding. At this time, the female fox and the experimental fox can be separated and placed With the kind of male fox cage for real distribution. If it is found that the female fox has not reached the estrus season and refuses to match, the female fox should be separated immediately to avoid horrifying the female fox. Put it on the next day, or put it in other kinds of fox cages.

1.2 Fox's breeding

Fox breeding methods can be divided into natural mating and artificial insemination. At present, most of the rural areas are natural mating, but artificial breeding methods are used. The so-called artificial breeding pair breeding, that is, usually male and female fox single cage rearing. During the breeding period, the female foxes are placed in a male fox cage for mating. After the mating, the male and female foxes are separated and the female foxes often ovulate later than the appearance of obvious estrus signs. Normal follicular maturation ovulates, ovulation lasts for 3 days, sperm in the female fox genitals can survive for 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to use measures that are compounded daily or every other day to improve the conception

rate. Silver black foxes can be compounded 1 to 2 times without too much, while Arctic foxes should be compounded 2 or 3 times. Fox and other animals, the male and female have the characteristics of the choice of breeding, therefore, in the practice of breeding, the public fox must be exchanged at any time to meet the needs of the male and female fox their mate. In addition, attention should be paid to the behavior of releasing the male and female foxes to prevent the male and female foxes from biting each other. When hostile acts are found, they must be separated in time.

2 Fox rearing management

2.1 Prepare Breeding Management

From the beginning of September to the beginning of December, it is the raising of the nutrition level for the rapid development of fox reproductive organs. Silver Black Foxes began in mid-November. Arctic foxes began in mid-December and have entered a critical period of preparation for breeding. Feed nutrient levels require no more than 10 grams of metabolic energy per 420 kilojoules of digestible protein, and 10 to 15 milligrams of vitamin E per head per day. The fox should meet the standard body condition, ie, the male fox reaches the upper-middle body condition, and the female fox achieves the medium body condition. Lighting is one of the indispensable factors for breeding, especially in autumn and winter season, all foxes should be placed on the sunny side To ensure sufficient light. Fruit and vegetable fodder is also very important for the reproduction of fox, mainly to supplement the lack of fox on VA, VE and VC. In addition, vegetables can also play a role in loosening feed and improving palatability. China's vegetable fodder, which is commonly used to feed foxes, includes Chinese cabbage, rapeseed, etc.; tuber feeds include carrots, beets, and radish. Vegetables should be clean and fresh and conditionally fed better all year round.

2.2 Feeding Management during Breeding Period

Breeding level of breeding period, every 420 kilojoules of metabolic energy digestible protein can not be less than 10 grams, daily use of vitamin E15 mg per head, male fox can add 0.5 to 1 eggs. During the breeding period, try to use this group of public fox with this group of female foxes. Do not use the group indiscriminately. First, it is not conducive to epidemic prevention. Second, it is not conducive to conversion of blood in the following year. Also, be aware of the quiet environment around the fox, especially during pregnancy and calving, and provide plenty of water. In addition to mastering the above two technologies, it is also necessary to have a good grasp of the fox during pregnancy, lactation, and young fox feeding and management. Only in this way can breeding be accurately performed, and the high birth rate and high survival rate can result in better economic benefits.

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