Melon addition to silk yield significantly

In the growth of cucumber, gourd, pumpkin and other melon crops, a lot of melon silk and male flowers will consume a lot of nutrients. If the melon silk and some male flowers are removed during the banding process, it can not only reduce the ineffective consumption of nutrients, but also facilitate banding, making the vines. The distribution is more reasonable. According to tests, this measure can generally increase the production of melons by about 20%, and some even exceed 30%.

1, in addition to silk. The number of guashes is huge. Under fine cultivation conditions, the melon vines completely rely on artificial tying. Generally, they are combined with vine vines, and they can be easily destroyed when young.

2, to male. Most of the melons are male and female. The male flower plays an important role in female flower fertilization. However, the number of male flowers in the melons is too large (for example, the number of male stamens is 20-25 times that of female flowers, and the number of stamens in each inflorescence is up to 20-35. Flower), which is unfavorable to normal female flowers, can be properly removed. The number of detasseled males accounts for 80% of the total male male flowers, leaving about 20% of male flowers pollinated. The pumpkin flower was harvested when it was not yet open. It is also a nutritious, tasty and delicious vegetable that is very popular among urban residents.

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