Reporter's survey: The same difference between melons and lands shows the advantages of large-scale operations

Why is the price of vegetables higher? Where is the space for price reduction? Where is the potential for increasing farmers' income? With these problems, the reporters came to Jining and Jinan successively and investigated the price of vegetables.

Li Lifang is a member of the Small Qianqin Village Vegetable Cooperative in Wenshang County. He has 13 years of planting experience but he is a vegetable passer. Li Guofang told reporters that the cost of a kilogram of cucumber is fourty-eight and eight, and the reporter calculated the account, according to 50,000 kilos per mu shed, 3,000 yuan rental fee, converted to 6 cents per kilogram. In addition, the basic investment in greenhouse construction, such as the cost of 1 gross per kilogram, chicken manure, pesticides and other agricultural capital costs of 1 hair per catty 6, and utilities, artificial, melon seedlings and other cost costs of 1 hair per catty 5. As land leases, agricultural resources, and labor costs rose by more than 20%, they were converted to an area of ​​30,000 yuan per mou. This translates into a kilogram of cucumber. Last year, four cents could be planted this year. 4 hair 8 can.

The cost of cucumber rose by 8 cents per kilogram. This was still under the premise of preferential purchase and sale of cooperatives, while Li Yongchen in the same village had a higher cost because he had not joined the cooperative. Li Yongchen told reporters that, for example, chemical fertilizers, the villagers who joined the cooperatives would get 170 yuan per bag, and Li Yongchen would have to get 180 yuan for them. Plus, they would spend 5% more than others on an acre basis. About 2000 yuan, and the cost of a pound of cucumber is 5 cents.

Not only that, the scale of the cooperative planting, quality, quantity is guaranteed, purchase and sales channels are guaranteed, Lee's defense of a pound of cucumber income is still possible.

Li Guofang told reporters that cucumbers sold for 8 cents a pound for a few years, earning 3 cents per pound. However, these single-handed households like Li Yong-chen did not save their time. He told reporters every day to inquire about where to collect cucumbers, where the price is high. Li Yongchen said that the purchase price is not stable, like he ran a big circle a day before selling 7 hairs.

The reporter calculated that: due to the large-scale planting and individual farmers' different planting methods, the cost is 2 cents, and the price difference is 2 cents. In other words, the scale of operation and a household model business, a pound of cucumber income difference 4 cents, a mu of the difference of 2000 yuan (50,000 kilograms per mu calculation).

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