How to formulate compound fertilizer

The compound fertilizer contains two or more of three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and has the advantages of high nutrient content, convenient use, cost, and labor. The following methods should be applied correctly in formula fertilization.

According to the formula, the formula of compound fertilizer is used to formulate the formula of fertilizer. The fertilizer is quantified according to the conditions of soil and crops. After the target crop yield has been determined, the crop's N, P and K absorption needs are calculated according to the requirements of the crop yield. Then, the soil fertility is calculated based on the measured values ​​of soil nutrients to determine the appropriate amount of N, P, and K fertilizers. Such a fertilizer formula is More reasonable. It is necessary to use compound fertilizers with the same proportion of nutrients as the formula, so that the best effect of the fertilizer formula can be achieved. According to the type of compound fertilizer, the application method of fertilization should be based on the characteristics of fertilizer varieties, crops and soil conditions, scientific arrangement basis, top dressing ratio, frequency and times of fertilizer application, and the application period and application method of different compound fertilizers in formula fertilization are also different. . All compound fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium components are all slowly decomposed, generally suitable for basal fertilizer application, some powdery compound fertilizers that are easily soluble in water, and can be used as top-dressing fertilizer. Liquid compound fertilizers should be used as seed fertilizers and post-fertilizers. Computation of compound fertilizers There are many types of compound fertilizers and their nutrient contents are different. Although the selection of fertilizer is correct, the application method and the application period are reasonable, but the application amount is not appropriate, it will also affect the effect of fertilization The following examples illustrate the correct application of compound fertilizer. Example: According to the fertilizer formula requirements of a field block, basic fertilizer needs 5 kg of nitrogen per acre, 3 kg of phosphorus pentoxide and 2.5 kg of potassium oxide. The content of the compound fertilizer used is 12%, 10% and 3% respectively. According to the formula, how many kilograms of compound fertilizer should be used per acre? Calculate the amount of nutrient needed to be divided by the percentage of compound nutrients to be used in the calculation, and then use the minimum amount as compound fertilizer per acre of the field. Nitrogen needs compound fertilizer quantity =512/100 ≈ 41.67 (kg) phosphorus pentoxide compound fertilizer quantity = 310/100 = 30 (kg) potassium oxide compound fertilizer quantity = 2.5-3/100 ≈ 83.331 (kg) Use 30 kg of compound fertilizer per acre. After the amount of compound fertilizer is determined, it is necessary to calculate the other nutrient parts that are insufficient for the formula, and supplement it with a single chemical fertilizer. For example, 30 kg of compound fertilizer contains 3.6 kg of nitrogen and potassium oxide (30×12%) and 0.9 kg (30×3%) respectively, 1.4 kg (5-3.6) and 1.6 kg (2.5-0.9) worse than the formula requirement. . Calculate the amount of nitrogen fertilizer and potash fertilizer to make it fully meet the requirements of formula fertilization. If you use compound fertilizer according to the above method in formula fertilization and do other work according to the formula fertilization technical requirements, you can achieve formula fertilization. expected result.

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