Long hair rabbit full price feed formula

Long hair rabbit full price feed formula

When designing a rabbit feed formulation, it is necessary to take into account the comprehensive balance of price and production performance. In the matching of feed should also pay attention to the palatability of feed, good palatability feed, rabbits like to eat can improve the feed effect. Therefore, meticulously researching and formulating feeds is the key to advancing science to raise rabbits and raising good rabbits.

The long-haired rabbit full-nutrition feed formula researched and designed by the author not only can meet the nutritional needs of long-haired rabbits, but also is more economical and practical. Now available to everyone for reference only.

First, the scientific formula of long-haired rabbit full price feed: corn 17%, bran 24%, soybean meal (cooked) 21%, imported fish meal 3%, active yeast 3%, grass powder 30%, salt 0.75%, methionine 0.4%, and more The appropriate amount of vitamins, appropriate amount of microelements, appropriate amount of concentrated cod liver oil for livestock and poultry, add olaquindox 30 grams per 50 kilograms of feed.

Second, when designing feed formulations should pay attention to matters

1. It is forbidden to use moldy and poisonous raw materials. For example, rape cakes, cotton cakes, etc. that have not been detoxified.

2. The proportioning should be correct and the mixing should be uniform. Especially when using various types of additives, be sure to read clearly the amount and usage of the instructions.

3, raw soybean cake, raw soybeans contain anti-trypsin factors and urease and other harmful ingredients, adverse effects on long-haired rabbits, therefore, should not be fed, must be cooked.

4, do not use poor quality of bone meal and feather powder to ensure feed hygiene and safety.

5, grass powder should be preferred alfalfa meal, followed by peanut vine powder, weed powder, rice straw powder and soybean stalk powder.

6, young rabbits in the grass flour should not exceed 20%.

7. For feeds fed with long-haired rabbits, long-term stability should be maintained. From the time young rabbits start to be eliminated, don't change feed formulas in the middle to ensure normal nutritional needs and achieve stable and high yields.

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