Tomatoes have a smooth surface and the epidermis shows what's wrong with the macules?

The reason for the occurrence of severe winter crops is that large patches of yellow spots on tomatoes are mainly caused by root rot, blight and physiological dead plants. The late ripe fruits have insufficient nutrition during the process of reddening, and lycopene is formed. Less caused. Prevention and control of this flower face should start from the prevention of root rot, blight and physiological death. In the summer, the temperature can be high and stuffy shed, dumping hoe, pouring medicine to prevent wilt and root rot. Physiological dead seedlings are mainly caused by long continuous cropping, too early nursery, excessive application of chemical fertilizers, shallow grounds, and poor root development. They should be dumped, suitable for late seedlings, moderately applied chemical fertilizers, deep-turned land or no-deep ploughing. 200 g/mu sprayed on the surface to promote deep loose soil permeability, promote root development, reduce flower face fruit.

There are yellow, green, yellow and red spots on the fruit, mainly due to viral diseases. Plant growth regulators can be sprayed --- Tian Feng Su or Shuo Feng 481, can promote growth and reduce the harm of viral diseases.

There are brown strips on the surface of the fruit, and there are brown ribs in the fruit. Except for streak virus, most of them are caused by too weak light in the greenhouse, high humidity, low temperature, and physiological potassium deficiency. Prevention and control measures are to improve light, ventilation and reduce humidity, increase room temperature, and should be supplemented with potassium. Spray foliar fertilizer such as potassium permanganate 0.3% directly to the foliage.

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