How to scientifically feed bait

1, animal and vegetable bait should be a reasonable match. The crabs are of mixed diets. In the combination of baits, feeds are fed throughout the year. Animal foods account for 60% and vegetative foods account for 40%.

2, according to the scientific season when feeding fish. During the feeding season of crabs in the growing season, the general principle is “two fine and middle blue”. In the spring and autumn season, feeding is mainly based on animal foods, supplemented with plant foods, and summer foods are mainly plant-based foods.

3, according to the habit of feeding crabs. There are nocturnal habits of the crabs. Feeding should be based on feeding at night and supplemented by feeding during the day. Its night feeding amount is 70% of the amount of bait throughout the day.

4, bait should be palatable. The individual size of the bait should be appropriate to the size of the crab. Individuals should be cut into chunks, and snails and clams should be crushed. The botanical baits should be made into groups to increase the utilization of bait.

5. Change the deepwater area to feed in shallow water area. The bait is placed in the shallow water area with aquatic plants, and the distribution should be uniform, and adhere to the principle of four-shot feeding.

6, change raw food to cooked food feeding. The various raw grains to be fed should be fully soaked, cooked, and fed to facilitate the digestion and absorption of crabs.

7, science feeding mature crab.

(1) It is to change the night feeding for daytime feeding. Mature crabs begin to swim in the genitals and crawl ashore at night, which causes excessive physical exertion and can easily cause undernutrition in migratory crabs. Therefore, appropriate feeding should be performed. In the feeding method, the night feeding was changed to feeding in the daytime.

(2) It is the prevention of excess nutrient death. In particular, mature female crabs have more than 85% of their livers and become gonads with reduced liver function, such as feeding large amounts of animal feed. On the one hand, liver function can not adapt to the storage of high-protein nutrition, on the other hand, the male crab is promoted to mate in fresh water in advance, causing death.

8, the implementation of fish and polyculture mode, should first feed the fish, after feeding the crab. The fish feed into the deep water area and the crab feed into the shallow water area to prevent fish and crabs from competing for food so that the crabs will not eat bait and affect the growth of crabs.

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