Midsummer Farm Flies Solutions

1. In order to remove the manure waste in the house, special attention should be paid to the faeces and sewage in the dead ends. Keep the faeces as dry as possible and clean up once a day as much as possible. Do a good job inside and outside the clean and regular disinfection. Dispose of the removed feces properly, remove them in time and perform harmless treatment. Waste litter and dead animals in the yard should also be properly handled.

2. Spray spraying with L-permethrin on all walls, aisles, ceilings, doors and windows, material levels, feed barrels, drinking fountains and other places where flies may live. The effective period is 45-60 days.

3, regular environmental disinfection. Using a disinfectant containing chlorine, the special odor of chlorine is used to disperse the flies.

4. Add 5 to 10 ppm of cyromazine in the diet. Follow instructions for feeding. Feed for 4 weeks every week or continuously. Cyclomethamine is fed to animals through the feed route. It is basically not absorbed into animals and most of them are excreted in the form of drugs with the feces and distributed in the animal's feces, directly blocking the nervous system of larvae. The development of larvae (cockroaches) can not cause direct skin death, so that fly maggots can not be transformed into flies, play a complete fly killing effect in the feces, can fundamentally control the production of flies, to achieve the purpose of complete control of flies. Cyproxazine must be mixed evenly with a step-by-step mixing method; use it promptly before the start of the fly season in mid-April.

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